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Astrology - February 6, 2019

The speed of Sun (Surya)

The Sun is the star at the center of the Solar system. It is made of hydrogen and helium, and in the core hydrogen is converted to helium by nuclear fusion, generating the heat and light radiated by the Sun. Out of the 9 Grahas, the Sun is by far the biggest, and all the others revolve around the Sun, held in orbit by the gravitational pull of the Sun. The Sun is largely responsible for upholding life on earth, by supplying heat and light. The energy of the Sun is often released suddenly through solar flares (sudden discharges of high-energy radiation and atomic particles) and Prominence (huge flares of gas erupting from the surface of the Sun).

  • Apparent diameter  31’31” to 32’01” of arc
  • Mass relative to Earth 332,946
  • Density relative to water 1.409
  • Average surface temperature 5500 C
  • Maximum magnitude +4.83
  • Diameter 1,392,000 km

Astronomically the Sun is fixed and it is the planets which are moving round Sun. But in Geo centric view, where we consider earth is fixed and we observe sun in the sky, it will appear to be moving from one zodiac sign to the other.

The speed of Sun : The Sun completes one round of Zodiac in approximately 365 days or in 1 year. This is how we define one year and each sign it transits in approximately 30 days which we define as one month. As per Vedic ephemeris or vedic scale of measurement Sun usually changes it’s sign around 14th /15th of each calendar month. In Western astrology calculation , the Sun usually changes it’s sign every 23rd /24th of each month. Please note all planets do not move at an uniform speed. It’s speed changes everyday, and also during different years. But for simplicity , the newspaper classification of Zodiac birth signs take the fixed dates. As a result , usually people who are born between 15th and 23rd of a calendar month will have the same zodiac sign in both systems , though the degree will be different. The average speed of sun is approximately 1 degree every day.

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