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Astrology - February 6, 2019

The speed of Mercury (Budha)

Mercury is the closest to the Sun, in the range of 46 to 70 million km. It moves faster than any other planet, completing a full orbit in less than 88 days. Mercury is also the smallest, and has the greatest density. The planet rotates around its axis very slowly, taking almost 59 days for one rotation (only Venus is slower). Mercury is rocky, with virtually no atmoshere. Most of the surface is heavily cratered by the impact of meteorites. Some areas are less cratered. Mercury has ray-craters, a type not found on the Moon, which give a characteristic look to the planet. The core of Mercury is most likely of iron. Mercury gets very hot on the sunlit side, upto 430° C, and very cold on the dark side, down to –183° C.

  • Duration of a revolution around the Sun – 87.97 days
  • Duration of one full rotation- 58.65 days
  • Average speed- 47.87 km/s
  • Inclination of the orbit to the cliptic – 7 degrees
  • Orbital eccentricity- 0.206
  • Apparent diameter – 4′ to 13′ of arc
  • Mass relative to the Sun – 1/6,000,000
  • Mass relative to Earth – 0.055
  • Density relative to water – 5.5
  • Surface gravity relative to Earth – 0.38
  • Average surface temperature – 350° C / -170° C
  • Oblateness (“flatness”) – Negligible
  • Maximum magnitude – -1.9
  • Diameter – 4878 km

Speed of Mercury : Mercury is closest to Sun and is never more than 28 degrees away. Mercury takes on an average 88 days to circle round the Sun. The speed of Mercury also varies significantly every day specially when it becomes retrograde and appears to move backwards during its period of retrogression. Mercury becomes retrograde 4 times during each year. We will
talk about retrogression of planets during the second semester and their effects on our life and personality. The average speed of Mercury every day is approximately between 1degree 20minutes to as low as 5 minutes and almost comes to stand still at the point of retrogression.

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