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Astrology - February 6, 2019

The speed of Jupiter (Guru)

Jupiter is the largest planet is the solar system, bigger than all the other planets combined. It’s composition is similar to the Sun – it’s main constituent is hydrogen, but unlike the Sun, Jupiter has a small rocky core. There is no distinct surface, because it is made up of gas, and is merged with gaseous atmosphere. Because Jupiter spins around so quickly (one rotation takes only 10 hours), the atmosphere is in constant turmoil, forming ever-changing belts and zones that encircle the planet parallel to the equator.
  • Duration of revolution around the Sun – 4332.59 days
  • Duration of one full rotation – 9h 55m 21s
  • Average speed – 13.06 km/s
  • Inclination of the orbit to the cliptic – 1° 18′ 15″.8
  • Orbital eccentricity – 0.048
  • Apparent diameter – 30″.4 to 50″.1 of arc
  • Mass relative to the Sun – 1/1047.4
  • Mass relative to Earth – 317.89
  • Density relative to water – 1.33
  • Surface gravity relative to Earth – 2.64
  • Average surface temperature – –150° C
  • Oblateness (“flatness”) – 0.06
  • Maximum magnitude – –2.6
  • Diameter -143,884 km
The speed of Jupiter : Jupiter takes on an average 12 years to orbit around the Sun. It is by far the largest planet in the Solar system, larger than all other planets and Moon together. Its average speed per day is between one minute to 3 minutes. It takes approximately one year to transit through one Zodiac sign, except during certain years when it appears to be moving at a much
faster pace.

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