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Society - February 2, 2019

WATER … An Issue for Mankind in 2050

The three main usage of water defined as water triangle.

  • Drink
  • Wash
  • Waste

Drink is as much need to mankind for surveillance. wash is second most need for mankind to keep healthy and be pure.

The third one defined value of waste is nothing but a serious disease for mankind.We the part of mankind never understand the lacking of water in near future.

Apart from all these things the main issue is planning. and that is formed only by the education system.We think we are the survivors of water lacking now.it’s OK.But if this will roll on then what we will do when our third generation will face some serious disease with impure water usage?Never thought.neither we would avoid the wastage and extra with unnecessary usage of water.

Some serious facts that everyone need to know:

  • Worldwide, millions are sickened by diarrhea disease and
  • weakened by parasites, and 15,000 die each and every day.
  • Every 21 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness
  • Women spend 200 million hours a day collecting drinking water
  • that also by walking a mile.
  • In India 800 million people don’t have facility to get pure

Drinking water.

And we are still in sleep and started talking it won’t happen to us.

Now we are watching so many advertisements on pure water. OK…..let me breathe…huh….!!!the money machines will survive perhaps.But what about the poor..!!are not they human?If not then we can use pure waters by wasting a lot.Neither we have to be very much cautious.

Before a century there was no issue of water in people’s mind. they were thinking that water on earth is infinite.also somehow they were right.because they were taking calories and taking less meat.by what they need less water.But now we are 700 billion. We need water and that also same amount present then.Also increase of industries,usage of more water formed.both by industries and large number of mankind,the water solution is getting a huge trouble.

It also predicted that if such things grow like today then within a short time period we are going to face a war on water within 2050.

Obviously neither for land nor for economy.

– Satyajit Mohanty

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