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The Art of Donation a Vedic Perspective How to Fix your Karma

The Art of Donation a Vedic Perspective How to Fix your KarmaKarma as action and reaction: if we sow goodne...

We everybody making money for our basic needs, luxury and savings for future and for our old ages,  but still there are so many things are missing from our life.  Life is an illusion by the god and actually everyone’s forgotten for what reason we are here. And why we all are suffering its all due to Maya (The supernatural power wielded by gods and demons to produce illusions.).

I have seen lots of peoples believes in newton’s third law “to every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction” so if you work hard then you can make your party harder (the more you work the more you gain).  Many peoples do hard labor so many are learned and laborious and few are smarter and when they work their power multiplied due to the art of multiplication(for example Bill Gates, Steve Jobs etc.).

But all are not actual things or bliss of life. Few do lots of money and they cannot consume it, few do, do not do anything and consumes illegally by short circuiting their Karma. Few people can have and touch n feel the money but all went out in front of themselves, for example a bank employee can see and touch million dollars in minutes but cannot consume it, it’s all due to his past Karma. We all are not equal, due to our past life (which can be acknowledges through the art of Vedic astrology, a great tools of God for mankind) and cycle of Karma. One of my friends said your Hindu Gods’ are not technical they do lots of Maya but we do technology, we have science, we have everything. He suggests me to read the book “Magic of thinking Big”. I told him that this is not necessary to being big.  When I was graduated in engineering, I did everything to gain knowledge and to make money but I find, I’m loved when I’m completely by myself alone.  Solitude says what you’re.

So being in solitude and think about what you’re and it is my suggestion. First know yourself and spiritually and what is within you. Ignite your self-knowledge and understand the creation of god why he created us and why we should help each other, it’s all about the art of donation. Find a guru if you find hard to understand this world. Running to various Gurus is like consulting with various Physicians which is harm for you. Believe your guru and your guru should believe in you  like in Kung Fu Panda film his guru had believe that  Panda is the real fighter even though he seems like a dumb to others . The God, who created this world, placed here us in to the carousel of Maya all technical things are created by god who is supreme in power. Like it’s hard to understand quantum physics and DNA mapping, to know the creation of God is still mystery to us. Each and every time we do Sin and also by helping other to ward of our sins.

I think it’s equally similar to goggles algorithm not all the web pages will comes to the first top 10 rank. We all need ‘Mukti (Liberation)’ from this unreal world of reincarnation. I don’t say that you need to get rid of all your daily routines to ward off your daily Sins or to change your current religions. That is absolutely seems to be stupid, because God are having different forms and his power are vast. You do not need to change anything to get ‘Moksha’ or to get the final bliss. But you can add little things to your life by (learning the art of Donations) donating which is called ‘Daana‘ or Charity is one of the important virtues to be cultivated. I have a donation button in my blog but till now nobody is contributing to it, this is all because of limited knowledge of ‘Daana’.  The Maya itself indulge in the art of donation, which is the art of ranking a humans loves to others and his kindness. So by this tools God can judge our devotions to this world and brother ship to human being.  Let me tell you a short story “There was a cruel king who had always hurt others and he did lots of splitting heads and punished others and lots of citizens were dissatisfied with his ruler ship, they prayed always bad for him. The king went to a pond every evening and start putting some breads to all fishes because he really loves to do like this. After his old age the king was died naturally and when he met The God, he comes to know that all of his sins were forgiven by the God and this is the only for gratitude of those lovely needy fishes”. So a donation from you heart (no matter what is the amount would be) can saves you from every odds its due to gratitude of others and his well wishes which will work like a supreme blessing. Please be notated donating more than your capacity also a Sin so you should balance your donation according to your eligibility. No one can take any single things from this unnatural world. We are far away from our real kingdom which is the kingdom of our GOD where we will be happy for ever; and there we do not need to do anything. No prayers to God, no Donation, no Hate, no more Sin only happiness, only ultimate bliss, which are Swastika and pure. But to qualify this milestone of getting Moksha we need to love our God and have to live for each other rather increasing unnatural technologies and competitions.

To stop reincarnation we need to do good works, love, devotions donations etc.  We need to learn the art of gratitude, always thanks everyone’s for everything, believe me the work of gratitude will work awesome, but to qualify the gaining ‘gratitude’ you need to learn the art of donation(Daana). There are various types of donation not only monetary donations are accepted.The study of Vedas would reveal that the ancient seers, who left behind noble path to be treated by the entire mankind of all ages, were fully aware of the science of Axiology. They based their value system on the social philosophy of ‘idd nan mmam’ and gave the trinity of values, described as Trivarga. While they kept the sensate values at low-key, but did not advise their total abolition. Materialism in the Vedas is a part of spiritualism and not vice versa. For the members of society they prescribed Trivar­ga of Dharma, Artha and Kama. These three values i.e. pursuit of money on the path of virtue (artha), enjoyment and pleasure (kama) and even righteous conduct and activities (dharma) should be on the path of Rta- the cosmic laws of social, moral and physical order. Vedas nowhere advise life negation or total renunciation of matter, enjoyment but advise life affirmation by harmonizing matter and spirit.The various values emphasised are development of scientific outlook, avoidance of blind faith, encouragement of sciences, arts, philosophy, industry and technology. The individuals belong­ing to four divine varna are advised not to follow too much of sensate values but prefer to follow more of ideational and idealistic values of virtue, beauty in the Nature, harmony, love and justice. Pursuits of such values along with sensate values help in attaining Moksha. While these scriptures are not against the pursuit of matter on the path of Dharma and Rta, but also do not advise its blind pur­suit of filthy lucre and all kinds of material wealth for ego living. Owing to its tamasic effect such a kind of matter and its blind pursuit blurs the vision of both inner and outer instruments of the body and hides many truths of even the phenomenal world. The Satan sitting inside of the human beings tends to become a leviathan and super demon. Vedas give equal emphasis to human senses, which should be kept under control of the inner divine instruments and made independent of the Satan sitting inside. With the uncontrolled senses a person becomes his/her own enemy.Types of DonationsThe Art of Knowledge Donation (Vidya Daana):If you giving good knowledge as a donation to anyone may be your children’s or your whole society without any cost. May be through a blog or by doing tuitions or by saying good things from your speech all credits will goes as a donor, and you will blessed by the god. Also helping others who is educating the society is also belongs to the same credits.

Donating books, paying school or college fee and scholarships etc. come under this.

The Art of Time Donation: If you aware of the art of donations of time then it will be a great donation for you ever.  Time is very powerful, the God is itself ‘Time’, giving time to your family, an occasions, to your needy friends is best way to gain gratitude. If you give times to your wife definitely one day she will say “Thanks you! You shared lots of beautiful moments with me” you’re a best husband.  To qualify gratitude of others it’s necessary to get first from your near and dear ones.

The Art of Blood donation:  Donating blood is giving lives to others; it’s always a great donation ever. If you donating blood means you’re savings three life one a time. But not all can be eligible due their physical things. In the US there is a doctor named Kevorkian who has build a rolling suicide laboratory in the back of a van. People who are terminally ill  and suffering greatly from the disease call him, and he puts them in his van, sticks a needle in their arm, and tells them to press a button that will inject a powerful drug into their bloodstream that brings on unconsciousness and death. These unfortunate people think that death is the end of all suffering, so if death is made as painless as possible, that’s the best way to go. “The best death” for a karmi is to die in peaceful sleep (total ignorance, in other words). But there is a next life which is determined by the thoughts of our last moments in this life. It doesn’t take much imagination to envision where an unconscious person will end up in his next birth.

The Art of Love Donations:  Donations of love and respect will ward of various things in life and give us various other understandings. To do love donations the main task is to create scientific outlook in the society. This should be done by bringing out the latent qualities of the soul i.e. virtue, goodness, beauty, love, harmony and many others, which help in suppressing the negative qualities caused by three gunas, particularly rajasic and tamasic leading to fickleness, jealousy, deceit, avariciousness, cowardliness, ungratefulness and others. A love donation is a greater tool and our God always do for us and in returns we are not doing anything for him. This is his personal tool for mankind and giving love as donation and not a loan, re­fraining from violence towards human beings and other animate life; benign mother earth and supreme mother Prakrti and selfless service are also amongst the highest Daan.

The Art of Kanya Dana (also called Kanya pooja): This is regarded as the best remedy. It is not limited to the Kanya Dana performed in the marriage ceremony. Donate clothes, food and money, as per your capacity, to a girl below the age of puberty on either Thursday or Friday. Normally people take a vow to perform this for a certain specific number of times like 7 Fridays or 9 Fridays or 16 Fridays etc. This is done with a specific Sankalpa i.e., purpose – as a cure for something or to gain something.

The Art of Tamasik Dana: The lowest and tamasic kinds of charity include donating money excess with your capacity or for short circuiting your bad karma for good, silver, gold or copper, giving food etc. Mahatma Gandhi had said that giving money and food as charity is shameful, for both the person who gives and one who takes, unless you are fully satisfied about his/her sickness and inability to do any physical work. Holy bible has amplified it further, while giving money or other material objects by one hand even the second hand should not know.

The Art of Annadana (foodings to only disabled and needy peoples) : Donating food to the needy is called Anna dana.

The Art of Guru Daskina Daana: A guru shows the path of enlightenment to seekers. GU denotes darkness (ignorance) and ru denotes the removal of that darkness. Dakshina in the Vedic culture is the term for the recompense paid by the sacrificer for the services of a priest, originally consisting of a cow. These days its cash and food items. Dakshina is personified as a goddess along with Brahmanaspati, Indra and Soma in Rig Veda 1.18.5 and Rig Veda 10.103.8, and Rig Veda 10.107. In modern times, the role of a teacher has just got limited to imparting knowledge of various subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, etc., to pupils. However, in ancient India, a teacher or a guru was a spiritually evolved guide. Along with the knowledge of various subjects, he also taught his students how to live a disciplined and principled life. A guru was the spiritual guiding force in the life of his students. Gurudakshina also refers to the tradition of repaying one’s teacher or guru after a period of study or the completion of formal education. This tradition is one of acknowledgment, respect, and thanks. It is a form of reciprocity and exchange between student and teacher. The repayment is not exclusively monetary and may be a special task the teacher wants the student to accomplish.

“Satyam vada, dharmam cara SVadhyayan ma pramadah, Acaryaya priyam dhanam ahrtya.”

Speak the truth; Practice virtue. Let there be no neglect of your daily reading. Give unto the teacher what is pleasing to him.

The Art of Donations for 9 Planets: During the dasa and antar dasa (periods and subperiods) of various planets the following are the articles to donate for better results.

  • Sun:  Donate wheat or sugar candy on Sunday.
  • Moon: Donate cow’s milk or rice on Monday.
  • Mars: Donate Masoor dal( red lentils) on Tuesday.
  • Mercury: Donate Udad dal on Wednesday.
  • Jupiter: Saffron or turmeric on Thursday.
  • Venus: Donate clothes to a lady on Friday.
  • Saturn: Donate black Til (sesame seeds) on Saturday.
  • Rahu: Udad dal or coconut on Saturday.
  • Ketu: A black cow or black mustard seeds on Thursday.

The Ultimate Goal of Daana

The Buddha said that the practice of giving will aid us in our efforts to purify the mind. Generous gifts accompanied by wholesome volition help to eradicate suffering in three ways. First, when we decide to give something of our own to someone else, we simultaneously reduce our attachment to the object; to make a habit of giving can thus gradually weaken the mental factor of craving, one of the main causes of unhappiness.

If we give in the hope of winning luxury in future lives, we may attain our aim providing that we adhere to the principles of virtuous conduct. According to the Buddha, however, the motivation of working for liberation is far superior to that of aiming at mundane happiness in future births. This is because a gift made with the desire for pleasure is accompanied in part by the unwholesome psychological root craving (ta.nhaa). The merits earned by such gifts are exhausted in transient pleasure, and such mundane happiness keeps us revolving in the round of rebirth, which in the deepest sense is always dukkha, subject to suffering.

You must be A “noble giver” who is one who is happy before, during and after giving.  Before giving he is happy anticipating the opportunity to exercise his generosity. While giving he is happy that he is making another happy by fulfilling a need. After giving he is satisfied that he has done a good deed. The suttas list generosity as one of the important qualities that go to make a gentleman.

To contain and control the evil, need based earning and living has been advised. Follow your noble vocations and professions selflessly by achieving perfection and even our thoughts, desires and actual living should be based on the principle of moderation. I hope My Blog Hub Tank will strive to give knowledge as a free source and to keep maintain I need some funds to run this free services and knowledge exchange so if anyone is contributing a cent then it will like a ocean for me and a great gratitude for the donor.

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