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Resume - February 2, 2019

Resume Writing Tips – Talent, Theater, and Design

Talent, Theater, and Design

Talent, Theater and Design

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For professionals in the film, modeling, entertainment, advertising, graphic design, and media industries, your job titles and projects hold a more noticeable level of creativity, excitement and even celebrity. Resume information for these types of positions needs to be an artistic statement as well as a statement of professional credentials. Visual excitement can be graphically communicated as well.

If you are in the performing arts or media arts fields, a prospective employer will want to see a list of the projects, performances or productions in which you have been involved. Use this section to list artistic endeavors you have worked on and your role within each project.

Insider Tip:  If your work can be divided into several areas, then consider one section on your resume for each area. Talent resumes have the greatest impact when you separate your work experience into different sections.

An actor will want a talent section for FILM, another for TELEVISION, and another for THEATRE. 

A graphic artist might include a section for PRINT DESIGN and another for COMPUTER GRAPHIC DESIGN. 

An advertising professional might include a section for RADIO ADVERTISEMENTS and another for TELEVISION ADVERTISEMENTS.

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