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Resume - February 2, 2019

Resume Writing Tips – Publication References

Publication References

Any published books, articles, stories or papers that you have written, co-authored or contributed to can be an effective way of demonstrating to a prospective employer your expertise within your career field, and that you have the necessary writing and communication skills required for the position. The Publications section is especially valuable for careers in academia, medicine, law, publishing or journalism. In this section, list the publications in which your work has appeared that are relevant to your job target or would be valuable in illustrating your qualifications to an employer.

This is an opportunity to focus the reader on your reputation among peers and to demonstrate personal initiative in your field. It can also demonstrate your researching, interviewing, and writing abilities. If you are widely published, you will have to be selective and list a few well-known or important publications.

List publications in reverse chronological order so that the list begins with your most recent work. Include the title of the paper, article or book, the name of the publication, name and location of the book publisher, and date of the publication. Be sure to include the names of any co-authors that are applicable.

Insider Tip:  Give a brief description of the contents of your publication. If your article or book was reviewed favorably, you may want to include a quote. Be sure to include the names of any co-authors and list them exactly as they appear in the article or book. If applicable, provide more details about your publication, such as volume and page number. Use abbreviations such as: vol. (volume), p. (page), or no. (number). Make it as easy as possible for a prospective employer to research your work.

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