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Resume - February 2, 2019

Resume Writing Tips – Personal Qualifications

Personal Qualifications

Listing personal information on a resume is effective only if it relates to your job target and demonstrates qualifications that you will need in your next career. For example, including hobbies or extracurricular activities that demonstrate personal characteristics, such as leadership, teamwork, problem solving, and creativity is a valuable way to communicate qualifications to a prospective employer.

Use this section to list activities or other personal information that illustrates the characteristics you possess that are relevant to the position. Be cautious not to include unrelated information, or you may appear unfocused and less dedicated to your career than your competition.

You should not include information such as your age, height, weight, marital status, children, ethnicity, political affiliations, religious affiliations or other nonessential personal information, unless it is clearly relevant to the position.

Providing a List of Activities

Sports-related activities can demonstrate “dedication, drive, commitment, and winning attitudes.” Involvement in community clubs, organizations, and other extracurricular activities demonstrates that you have a well-balanced professional life and possess certain qualities and characteristics that would make you an asset in your position.

Be sure to mention your role with each organization, especially if you have held an elected office, such as treasurer, secretary, president, or founder. Do not list a club or membership you were not truly an active member of, because you may be asked to discuss your involvement with the prospective employer at the interview. List the name of the organization, dates, your role, accomplishments and anything else that demonstrates your ability to succeed or produce positive results. Honors, awards, and official recognition that demonstrate your leadership abilities should be included as well. List all activities in this section in order of relevance to a future employer. When writing about your activities, consider treating them as a job. What accomplishments or achievements did you attain? What skills did you develop or experience did you gain?

If you are a recent graduate who was involved in a fraternity or sorority, you should probably list this activity on your resume, especially if you were an officer or founder.

Insider Tip:  You may also use the Personal section to demonstrate your willingness to perform the routine tasks that will be required of the position. For example, for Sales and Training careers where a willingness to travel is essential criteria, use the Personal section to indicate your interest and even enjoyment in performing these tasks. This reinforces your qualifications and interest in the position and may give you the edge over the competition.

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