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Resume - February 2, 2019

Resume Writing Tip – Training, Workshops and Seminars

Training, Workshops and Seminars

Listing the training you have received, workshops you have participated in and seminars you have attended highlight for prospective employers the special skills or knowledge that you possess and may give you an edge on your competition. Additionally, many careers require some level of training as an important qualification for a job. For example, many employers in real estate, finance, law, healthcare, and management sectors prefer candidates with active participation in ongoing training and development programs.

Use this section to list relevant training, workshops, seminars, certificate programs, military certification, or other professional education you have obtained that were not part of your formal education or degree program. Attending training programs demonstrates to a potential employer your willingness to increase your skills and further yourself in your career.

Choosing the Order

List the training you have received in order of relevance to the job you are seeking.  If your training is of equal importance, list it in reverse chronological order, listing you most recent first.

If possible, group your training under global headings such as “Computer Skills Training,” or “Customer Service Training.”  If you group your training, list the most important category at the top, and each item in the category in reverse chronological order.

Listing Important Skills and Abilities

Be sure to add the skills developed during training to your Skills or Experience sections, in case they are not made obvious by the title of your training program.

Listing Non-Descriptive Training or Seminar Titles

If the title of a training session you attended had a name not descriptive of the training content, include the training content in parentheses next to the title.  For example, a class called “Eyes on the Future,” which discussed leadership skills, would be listed as “Eyes on the Future (Leadership Skills)” or “Eyes on the Future,” a leadership seminar.

Insider Tip:  If you only have one or two items to list under your Training and Workshop heading, you may want to consider combining your Training and Education section together under one heading called Education and Training:



  • MBA, Finance and Accounting, Haas School of Business, 1985
  • BS, Accounting, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1982
  • Courses in Total Quality Management, Steven Covey Leadership
  • Workshops and Seminars on Negotiation, Stedman Graham

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