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Reviews - February 2, 2019

Resume Writing Tip – Describing Your Capabilities

Resume Writing Tip – Describing Your Capabilities

Take advantage of a Capabilities section on your resume to draw attention to your abilities, which would otherwise be difficult for the reader to assume. Listing your Capabilities is especially valuable if you are changing careers or have limited experience within your career field as a means to convince employers that you have the ability to perform specific tasks and responsibilities required of the position, even if you have not actually performed them in the past.

Use the Capabilities section to describe the tasks you’ve performed, or could perform, based on the application of your skills. Your Capabilities tell a prospective employer that you have performed the tasks required by, or similar to, the job. List only those capabilities relevant to the job for which you are applying.

Defining your Capabilities

To develop a list of capabilities, first consider the specific tasks or role required in the career you are seeking. Review advertisements and detailed descriptions of the job beforehand. Once you have a good understanding of the requirements of the position, then review your career history and make a list of the specific skills and abilities you already possess or feel confident that you can accomplish.

The goal of a Capabilities section is to convince an employer that you’ve performed specific tasks in the past, or have the ability to perform these specific tasks. Translate past Experience and Skills into statements that demonstrate your qualifications for the new position.

Listing Your Capabilities

  • Consider listing capabilities under global headings representing areas of expertise. This will help prospective employers find important related capabilities. For instance, your computer capabilities could be listed under a Technology heading.
  • Capabilities usually consist of short phrases of around two to four words.
  • Include only those capabilities you wish to transfer to your new job.

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