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The Speed of Nine Planet

Sun : Astronomically the Sun is fixed and it is the
planets which are moving round Sun. But in Geo centric view, where we consider
earth is fixed and we observe sun in the sky, it will appear to be moving from
one zodiac sign to the other.
The speed of Sun : The Sun completes one round of
Zodiac in approximately 365 days or in 1 year. This is how we define one year
and each sign it transits in approximately 30 days which we define as one
month. As per Vedic ephemeris or vedic scale of measurement Sun usually changes
it’s sign around 14th /15th of each calendar month. In Western astrology
calculation , the Sun usually changes it’s sign every 23rd /24th of each month.
Please note all planets do not move at an uniform speed. It’s speed changes everyday,
and also during different years. But for simplicity , the newspaper
classification of Zodiac birth signs take the fixed dates. As a result ,
usually people who are born between 15th and 23rd of a calendar month will have
the same zodiac sign in both systems , though the degree will be different. The
average speed of sun is approximately 1 degree every day.

The speed of Moon : The Moon takes 27.32 days to complete one round of
the zodiac. It is the fastest planet, being the satellite and closest to
earth’s orbit. It takes approximately 2and half days to transit through one
Zodiac sign.

The speed of Mercury : Mercury is closest to Sun and is never more than
28 degrees away. Mercury takes on an average 88 days to circle round the Sun.
The speed of Mercury also varies significantly every day specially when it
becomes retrograde and appears to move backwards during its period of
retrogression. Mercury becomes retrograde 4 times during each year. We will
talk about retrogression of planets during the second semester and their
effects on our life and personality. The average speed of Mercury every day is
approximately between 1degree 20minutes to as low as 5 minutes and almost comes
to stand still at the point of retrogression.

The speed of Venus : Venus takes approximately
224.5 days to orbit around the Sun. Venus is further from Sun and nearer to
Earth and is therefore closer to man’s horizon. The average speed of Venus per
day is approximately between 1degree to as high as 2degrees 30 minutes.

The speed of Mars :
Mars is just outside the earth’s orbit around the
Sun, and both astronomically and astrologically is the bridge to larger and
distant planets from sun. Mars takes on an average 22 months that is 1year and
10 months to orbit the Sun except for those years when Mars appears to be
retrograde. The average speed of Mars per day is approximately half a degree or
30 minutes.

The speed of Jupiter : Jupiter takes on an average 12 years to orbit
around the Sun. It is by far the largest planet in the Solar system, larger
than all other planets and Moon together. Its average speed per day is between
one minute to 3 minutes. It takes approximately one year to transit through one
Zodiac sign, except during certain years when it appears to be moving at a much
faster pace.

The speed of Saturn : Saturn takes on an average 29.5 years to orbit
around the Sun. It is the slowest and the furthest planet from Sun known prior
to the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in late, 18th, 19th century and
early 20th century. It takes on an average 2and half years to transit through
one zodiac sign. Its average speed per day is around 5 minutes per day.

Though we do not consider the influence of trans
saturnine planets in individual predictive Vedic astrology, but they have
significant influence in mundane astrology and to interpret the changes that
takes place in human societies collective social and cultural behavior and
consciousness. So it is good to have an idea of their speeds as well.

The speed of Uranus : Uranus takes approximately
84.02 years to travel round the Sun and to complete one round of the Zodiac. .

The speed of Neptune : Neptune takes approximately 164.77 years to
travel round the Sun and to complete one round of the Zodiac

The speed of Pluto : Pluto takes approximately 248.42 years to travel
round the Sun and to complete one round of the Zodiac.

The speed of Rahu and Ketu : Rahu and Ketu, the two nodes of Moon are
also considered as planets and is very important in individual predictive Vedic
astrology. It is important to know about their speed also. Rahu/Ketu more or
less move at a constant speed. It takes approximately 18 years to rotate around
the Sun. Hence it takes on an average 1and half year to transit one Zodiac
sign. By definition Rahu and Ketu will be always 180 degrees opposite to each
other with respect to the Zodiac. What is most interesting about Rahu/Ketu pair
is they are always moving as retrograde planet. That is if we observe these two
points from Earth, it will always appear to be moving in the clockwise
directions from one zodiac sign to the next zodiac sign. Whereas the natural
movement of all other planets between one zodiac sign to the next zodiac sign
will appear to be anticlockwise except during their retrogression. Sun and Moon
never have retrograde motion and they always move in anticlockwise direction
around the Zodiac. More about retrogression will be discussed during the second

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