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Festival - July 26, 2016

Aadi monsoon puja festival of prosperity and fertility

 Aadi monsoon puja festival of prosperity and fertility

Aadi monsoon (Tamil: Aadi Perukku, Odia: Chitraka)  is a festival of prosperity and fertility, the
festival pays tribute to water’s life-sustaining properties is symbolic of the
flow of prosperity. The blessings of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, is
abundantly available during this time. 
During the Aadi monsoon which falls on August 2nd of Pushya
Masa of 2016, Maha Lakshmi becomes full of joy and is all-giving. Maha Laxmi
can bestow abundance in the forms of nature, wealth, fertility, courage,
education, children and more.
As the earth grows and flourishes with Maha Lakshmi’s
blessings, her consort Vishnu presides over her creations and maintains them.
Lord Kubera, the (Banker in Heaven) protects her wealth.
Aadi monsoon is one of the best times in the year to pray to
Maha Lakshmi, along with Vishnu and Kubera, to acquire celestial support for
improving your lifestyle, success, obtaining wealth and recovering from any
losses or setbacks.  
In Odisha this day will be celebrated as Chitrak Parba at
Jagannath Temple Puri Odisha, The word Chita in fact means decoration of
forehead with special materials like chandana, musk and gorachana etc. But in
Sri Jagannath Temple, Puri three magnificent Chitas (ornaments of the
foreheads) made of gold, diamond, sapphire and emerald are put on the three
principal deities on Sravana Amabasya. This ritual is celebrated as “Chitraka
Parba” ( Subarna Chita Lagi Anusthan – Rahu Rekha Lagi Anusthan ) in Jagannath
temple. Connected with this is the decoration of Rahu Rekha. It is also an
ornament of the head. This is removed from the head of the deities on the day
of Snana Purnima and is again put on in the month of Sravana.
A special variety of rice-cake known as ‘Chitou Pitha’
(Apam) is being offered to the deity. It is in the primitive tradition to
appease evil powers through worship whether they are animals, serpents, insects
or plants. People worship and pray them to avoid their wrath. Therefore, during
the festival the pilas (one species of molluscs) is appeased as a female form
of evil power known as ‘Gandeisuni’ (Genda means Pila). The farmer girls go to
the fields and while offering cakes pray. “Oh; Gandeisuni, be appeased and do
not cut the legs of my father or brother who will be working in this field”.
The Day Energized to Reap the Divine Blessings
The planetary positions of this day adds value in such a way
that even a small act to manifest your desires will be blessed for an
exponential result. 
On August 2nd Amavasya, the Moon will traverse Pushya
Constellation , the star of nourishment. Ruled by Shanidev (Karmic planet), one
of the symbolic representations of Pushya star is the cow’s udder which can be
related to Kamadhenu (wish-fulfilling cow) – meaning fertility.
On this auspicious day of prosperity and fertility, invoke
the Threesome of Prosperity for their abundant blessings in manifesting
increased wealth and comforts, and recovery from any losses.

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