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Astrology - Horoscope - July 23, 2016

2016 Mars-Saturn hot and cold union

In each individual’s birth chart as I can see, there’s buildup of a sensitive time ahead
as Mars after pushing back in Scorpio on July 12 has rega
ined its forward
motion in direction of Saturn. This re energizes the two opposing forces of
Mars-Saturn once again this year till the time Mars exits Scorpio in September
2016. Few People would have begun to feel some difficulty and pressure bringing
back the memories of events which built up in the summer months of 2016 but
eased out with Mars moving away from Saturn on June 30. Thats because before the exact
conjunction could take place, Mars had started moving back. So a lot of events
which had built up then co
uld not occur. Those experiences and changes
witnessed by you could revisit on people’s chart now as Mars and Saturn are
moving towards exact conjunction from 12th July, culminating again on 23rd/24th
This exact conjunction/ combination of Mars-Saturn
famously seen as a union of hot and cold leads to much fight and struggle to
get things done. Most people’s will find that various areas such as their
career, love & finances would become heated up & there would be an
increase in the level of speed & activity in these areas of their life. The
key to utilize this combination is by channelizing these extreme energies
constructively, putting in hard work with endurance that would bring much gain
in this period. I would here like to give a caution them not to fall prey to
frayed nerves, hard feelings and anger due to the exact conjunction of Mars
& Saturn. Mars & Saturn have a major role to play in career and this conjunction
could bring about sudden and rapid changes with some out-of-turn events also
possible now in their career during this planetary transit. This upcoming phase
is a saga of high energy, if handled well can bring great rewards and if
mistimed could burn out opportunities for mankind.

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