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Astrology - Festival - April 10, 2015

Vedic Year 2015 Time for Relationship

Chitra Poornima: 1st Full Moon for 2015 Vedic Calendar

The Sun enters Aries on April 14th (IST), and in Vedic Astrology it marks the New Year for 2015. Kāmadeva (Hindu god of human love), is the name for 2015. Thus, 2015 is the year to focus on human relationships. However, we all need help with relationships because astrologically relationships are one of the more challenging areas of life. There are 12 houses in a birth chart, the 1st house represents you and the 7th house is your partner. Of the 12 houses, the 7th house is the farthest from the 1st house and it represents the unknown. It is the area in life where maximum growth is possible, but it can also be the area in life where we tend to make the most mistakes. Especially when cruel planets (Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu and Ketu) are involved. Is there a solution? Yes, the solution comes from Astrology. 

Relationship Karma Revealed in Your Chart

Relationship karma is revealed through the planets and in your chart the cruel planets are not directly affecting your relationship house in 2015. Thus, 2015 is a year when you can take your relationship to the next level. While growth in a relationship still requires work, your efforts will be rewarded and it will be with minimum frustration. For maximum benefits, strengthen the planet(s) that are affecting your 1st and 7th house. Remember gentle planets are easily improved. Astrological relationship remedies to fix or attract a new partner will be more powerful in 2015.

Chitra Poornima: 1st Full Moon for 2015 Vedic Calendar

Chitra Poornima is the name for the 1st Full Moon of the 2015 Vedic calendar. There are many myths and legends around Chitra Poornima that hint at the bright inner light that is available on this day. It contains the light of divine judgement when your karmic lot is weighed and assessed, and it also gives you a chance to reassess your own life. This light makes it possible for you to transform, and all profound transformation starts by clearing negative karma. This is not a philosophical concept it is real and you experience it as a lack of wealth, health or relationships. The stronger the karma, the more it seems like there is no solution. However, there is a solution – remedies performed on Chitra Poornima are supreme for erasing bad karma. 

Chitragupta: Demigod Born on Chitra Poornima

Chitra Poornima is sacred to Lord Chitragupta, a very secretive and mysterious Archetype. He is a demigod and was born on Chitra Poornima. His function is to write down your good and bad deeds in the divine Akashic records. On Chitra Poornima, you have an opportunity to erase karmic mistakes from the eternal record book that Chitragupta maintains. Akashic records are the hidden karmic seeds that create an inner image in your mind and compel you to be who you are. If your Moon or Ascendant is aligned with a Ketu nakshatra: Ashwini, Magha, Moola; or you are currently running a Ketu Dasa (major) period, or you have a Ketu affliction, then it is very important for you to propitiate Chitragupta on his birthday

24 Hours: Astrology behind 8th Waning Moon: April 12th, 2015 (IST) 

The 8th Waning Moon on Sunday, April 12th, is a very auspicious day to worship Lord Kala Bhairava. The 8th Waning Moon belongs to the Lord of Time, Kala Bhairava. Time itself is controlled by the Archetype known as Kala Bhairava and your karma decides how you will use your time and space. Thus, Kala Bhairava is intimately tied to your karma. If you have a bad relationship with Time, it will affect every area of your Life: Career, Relationship and Health. If you struggle with procrastination, being lazy or always being late then you are experiencing ill effects of Bad Time Karma. The 8th Moon is the right time to eliminate time-wasting activities from your life.

48 Hours: Vedic New Year – New Sun Arrives on April 14th IST 

April 14th (IST) marks the New Year for 2015 in the Vedic calendar. It’s the true Astrological New Year as it’s based on the Sun returning to the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. The Sun’s return to Aries is the most auspicious month of the year to strengthen your personal life force. When the Sun moves into Aries there are happenings that affect the entire solar system, particularly the Earth plane, and particularly human beings. You can turn around your life, your finances, your relationship, your health; all of this can be changed.

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