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Astrology - February 28, 2015

Amalaki Ekadasi: Create a New Financial Reality

Magha is the birth star for Kings and
Ancestors. This is why the Magha Full Moon is considered one of the most
powerful and mystical Full Moons of the year.
special Magha Full Moon is called Masi Magha, and it will be celebrated this Wednesday, March 4th (IST).
On Masi Magha, an inner dimension is opened giving heavenly beings and your
ancestors access to the Earth plane. These
divine beings come to purify their own karma as well as the karma of the human
The Magha star has powerful transformational and
therapeutic energies to purge sin from the body, mind and soul. Masi Magha is
significant because; it is one of the most favorable times for spiritual
purification, and it creates an opportunity for enlightened souls and your
ancestors to bless you. Remedies
performed on this day wash away bad karma, ancestral curses and help you live a
long and healthy life. 

On Wednesday, March 4th (IST) the Full Moon
will align with the powerful Magha birth star in the sign Leo.
Magha is
ruled by the Pitris, deified forms of your ancestors (souls who exist in higher
planes of light and are now able to bless you). The Sun will be in the sign of
Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac. This is very auspicious because the Moon
will be aspecting the Sun from the sign Leo, the 5th house of the zodiac. The
5th house is the house of desires and the 11th house is the house of
manifestation. In
addition, Tarpanam rituals performed on this day are very, very special and
have a lot of power.

There is a temple tank in
Kumbakonam called the Magha Tank.
On Masi Magha, the water in the
Magha Tank, receives the blessings from a host of enlightened beings, who come
to the temple in their astral form and deposit their blessings and energy into
the tank. Thus, on Masi Magha thousands of people crowd the temple tank, to be
anointed with the power of the water. The water is also used for performing tarpanam.
Masi Magha is an
astrologically correct time to purify both your physical and spiritual genetic
of Observing Masi Magha:

  • Wash away Karma & Curses
  • Receive Blessings from your Ancestors & Enlightened Siddhas
  • Empower Yourself with both Royalty & Enlightenment Consciousness

24 Hours: Amalaki
Ekadasi: Create a New Financial Reality 

Where did your thoughts and beliefs about
money come from?
Your money reality is created by a set of inbuilt notions within
your own brain, conditioned by specific patterns of cause and effect and the
play of karma. For most of us these belief patterns create financial
limitations that are very difficult to overcome. However, you can learn how to change
inbuilt notions that create your financial realities and 11th Moon rituals make
it possible.
The 11th Waxing Moon on
Sunday, March 1st (IST) has a special name, called Amalaki Ekadasi.
It’s a
day for material gains as well as spiritual growth because of Lord Vishnu, the
Archetype for preservation and wealth creation. The performance of Amalaki
Ekadasi rituals, results in the grace of Vishnu, both in this and in future
lives. The star on this day is Punarvasu ruled by Jupiter, and the birth star of
Lord Rama (the Vishnu Avatar of Dharma) that further intensifies the presence
of Vishnu energy. Rituals
performed on Amalaki Ekadasi result in receiving divine boons from Vishnu and
ensure success in all types of endeavors: business, wealth creation and

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 (IST), a Full
Moon Satyanarayana
Wealth Pooja
will be performed. The Archetypal energy invoked
for this powerful ritual will help in clearing the Karma that is blocking your
wealth. Satyanarayana,
the chief deity of this Pooja, is an extremely benevolent form of Lord Vishnu.

Pooja will Replenish the Lives of:

  • Couples who are yearning for a baby
  • People who wish for the well being of their families·         
  • People who wish for a happy and content life
  • People who are suffering from financial burdens
  • People who yearn for prosperity in their lives
  • People who want to make huge profits in business  

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