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Astrology - February 1, 2015

About the Planet Venus

Venus is a cosmic passion, the desire nature of the cosmic
man is represented by Venus. This planet is often linked with Kama Rupa. Venus
is refined, cultured sacrificing and always engaged in activities, preved by
raja (activity).Venus is classified a female, this is primarily to point out
its temperamental disposition which emphasizes sensitivity, creativity,
sociability, adaptability and ethics rather than passion and lust; Venus is
also considered a counselor of the planetary hierarchy is a benefice planet.
always trying to produce auspicious and joy-giving results. 
Venus can be
regarded as a link with the subject realm represented by the Sun-Moon-Merc
triad, which require a channel to concretize the highly spiritual divine energy
for its creative function on earth. Venus is greatly harmed by association with
Saturn and Rahu: its basic impulse is soiled and made repugnant. In combination
with Sun it is combust and unable to function on physically and earthly level.
With Mars its produce tremendous passion; the individual’s sex drive and
attractiveness to the opposite sex become almost irresistible. 
Venus in Ascendant
its bestows responsibilities, erudition, pleasant living condition and as well
as shaped body. In second house Venus will give much wealth, sweet speech, and
good relationship. Problem regard eyesight, affectionate relationship with
sister and female colleagues and much attachment to worldly illusion result
from Venus in Third house. Venus in fourth makes the person deeply emotional,
fond of women,  the pleasure of life, and
comfortable house. In Fifth house Venus produced great artistic sensibilities.
In Sixth unless Venus is exceptionally well placed, there are difficulties  such as litigation over women and possessions
and enmity with women. Venus in seventh is good for gaining an attractive
spouse, but there is always a possibilities that extramarital relationship will
rule the individual’s life.  Longevity is
beneficially affected by Venus in eighth house. in Ninth, Venus will attract
the individual towards pilgrimage, religious festivities and charitable activities.
In Tenth house the person is engaged in Social activates and is well placed in
his profession. In eleventh house the person may be witty, having many pleasant
friends and earning substantial amount of money.  In twelfth house Venus makes the person
extremely fond of sexual pleasure, but he always pines for a better and more
comfortable life, which is often unrealized. 
Venus represent the energy that
procreates. It is sensitivities to finer force in nature, and perceives the
Divine purpose in every form of manifestation. It produce harmonious
relationship, the capacity to enjoy the life. Venus is connected with man’s fluid
and diseases of the reproductive system venus also controls and influences the
attraction between male and female.

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  1. Venus Brings Happiness into the World
    A very beneficial and healthy energy is activated when Venus becomes exalted. In the next 3 1/2 weeks you can easily improve your material life by focusing on your relationships, wealth accumulation, jewelry and property. But keep in mind that Venus' time of Exaltation in Pisces ends on March 12th. This Higher Venusian energy also enables you to relate in a more balanced manner to your love interest. Differences of opinion and views melt away. Venus enables you to understand men in a new light and to celebrate the mystery of women. With just a little extra effort during this favorable Venus transit, you will be able to supercharge your relationships.

    On Monday, February 16th (IST), Venus the planet of love moves into his exaltation sign of Pisces. Venus is the ultimate planet for gain without pain. This transit into Pisces is a fantastic opportunity for you to acquire the blessings of this great planet. The reason is that when Venus enters into his exaltation sign, it forms the Raja Yoga called Malavya yoga, and this year the yoga is pure and very powerful because the depositor for Venus is an exalted Jupiter. This makes for a powerful Malavya Raja Yoga. In Tamil Siddha Astrology, when Venus and Ketu are placed in the same sign and if one of the planets happens to be powerful then it is equal to the exaltation of three planets. Venus becomes exalted in the sign of Pisces where He conjoins Ketu. There is an additional advantage and that is Ketu is very comfortable in Pisces and loses 90% of His harsh essence. Ketu is the planet that can bless one with four types of assets: Wisdom, Real Estate, Wealth and Honor. This combination is good for financial gains and wealth accumulation.

    Did You Know?
    It is because of Venus that we have happiness in this world, particularly happiness pertaining to acquisition of material wealth and fulfillment of our senses. Venus rules the arts, wealth and material bliss. Venus stands for luxury, vacation, clothes, jewelry and anything that gives you satisfaction and also in general financial progress. At the same time, Venus is a teacher. He holds the secrets of manifestation as well as the mysteries of life and death.

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