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Exalted Jupiter Turns Retrograde on December 9, 2014

Our emotional make-up, unconscious habits, rhythms and memories are all associated with the Moon. When the Moon is waning, it’s getting darker. The Waning Moon supports being more inward and reflective. The 4th Waning Moon has a special relationship with the Obstacle-Removing Archetype, Lord Ganesha. This creates an ideal window of time to smash through obstacles in your life. The 4th Waning Moon is a Moon of destruction and Ganesha uses this power of destruction to destroy obstacles.

This coming Wednesday, December 10 (IST), the 4th Waning Moon will be in the sign of Cancer along with Jupiter. The day being Wednesday is good for intelligence as the day lord is Mercury, the planet for intelligence. Lord Ganesha is the overlord of the planet Ketu and Ketu will receive the 9th house aspect from Jupiter, thus connecting Jupiter, Mercury and the Moon. Propitiating Lord Ganesha this 4th Waning Moon, creates space for miracles in your life. It activates your Miracle brain (Midbrain) that will also increase your all important intuitive intelligence.

Smashing coconuts is a spiritual technology that works for both material and spiritual worlds. The coconut energetically absorbs lower vibrations like evil eye, curses, negativity and bad karma. When you break a coconut, the negative energy holding back your progress is destroyed. The 4th Waning Moon has a special power to amplify this property.

From December 9, 2014 (IST), Exalted Jupiter, a planet of fortune and expansion, goes retrograde in Cancer sign. Retrograde refers to a period when a planet appears to be moving backward from Earth’s perspective. This great planet will be in retrograde motion until April 8, 2015. This intensifies Jupiter’s energy and allows you to review your life with wisdom and fix what needs fixing, be it bad finances, bad health habits or bad relationships. Jupiter governs children, prosperity, harmony, honor and favorable circumstances. When in retrograde motion, Jupiter generally speaking reverses its influence on the above mentioned areas. The impact of a retrograde Jupiter on you will depend on your birth chart, but results good or bad usually arrive after a noticeable delay.

In Astrology, the Moon and 4th bhava point represent your Mother. However, so does Mars. Mars shows the ability of your Mother to protect and nurture you. The 12th Varga chart (Dwadasamsa) reveals the karmic relationship with your parents. Look at the Sun & 9th house for your father, and look at the Moon and 4th house for your Mother.

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