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Astrology - Horoscope - Zodiac - August 28, 2014

Your astrological sign

Aries: You tend to be straightforward, decisive and energetic,
but when your opposite sign, Libra, brings out its diplomatic
and balance-oriented qualities, you may not like acting in a way
that is opposite your nature. Others may think you’re an
indecisive procrastinator who can’t make up your mind.

Taurus: You’re said to be patient, steady and stable, and that
it takes a lot to upset you or throw you off course, but your
Mr. Hyde sign is Scorpio, which may cause you to believe that
“payback” is an okay way to handle problems, and give you a
reputation as an arrogant bully.

Gemini: You’re a consummate communicator known for a youthful
attitude, cunning and flexibility, but when Sagittarius, your
opposite sign comes out, you’re likely to be thought of as
“deep” and philosophical, but less fun. In some ways, your Mr.
Hyde sign may work better for you than Jekyll.

Cancer: You may strive to be nurturing and receptive, romantic
and sentimental, but when your opposite sign, the ambitious and
practical Capricorn takes over, you’re likely to be thought of
as an insensitive, inflexible workaholic who doesn’t care about
anything but the “bottom line.” 

Leo: Your bright, energetic and playful personality rarely puts
on anything other than a warm, inviting face, but when your Mr.
Hyde sign, Aquarius, takes over others might think of you as a
shy approval seeker who prefers safety in numbers over the
thrill of taking risks and tasting victory. 

Virgo: You’ve probably heard about the fastidious, precise,
analytical, helpful and cerebral Virgo, but many writers don’t
have a clue how Pisces, your opposite sign can cause problems
for you. Others may call you a crude, disorganized, hypocrite
that lays claim to rules you break every day. 

Libra: You may seek harmony and balance and love the finer
things in life, but your social and diplomatic nature may change
when your Mr. Hyde sign, Aries, surfaces. Others may think
you’re always looking for a fight, and determined to win at all
costs, despite how it might hurt your relationships.

Scorpio: You may have an aura of quiet, sexy power that
captivates and sometimes intimidates others, but when Taurus,
your opposite sign, asserts itself, others may think you’re
approachable and kind, but you may feel so lazy that you avoid
relationships to keep things from getting complicated. 

Sagittarius: Optimism, enthusiasm, generosity, an outgoing and
ambitious nature are among your personal strengths, but when
you’re Mr. Hyde sign, Gemini, influences your behavior, you’re
likely to become more introverted and may live inside yourself,
rather than being an adventurous leader.

Capricorn: Although you are generally tough, practical,
self-controlled and rational, when your opposite sign, Cancer,
dominates your character, you’re likely to become so emotional
and sensitive that you’re likely to be seen as a childish
dreamer whose caught up in a fantasy world, rather than a

Aquarius: Even though you’re a friendly and innovative idealist
with values based on friendship and common interests, when Leo,
your Mr. Hyde sign dominates, you’re probably going to be seen
as a selfish opportunist who cares about little other than
getting your own way by any means necessary.

Pisces: You’re creative, sensual, sympathetic, freedom-loving
and romantic, but sometimes disorderly in a charming way.
Nevertheless, when Virgo, your opposite sign, comes to the
foreground others may see you as a compulsive personality,
orderly to a fault and a seeker of impossible levels of

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