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Virgo Horoscope 2014

Every beginning is hard. But also exciting. If you do not buckle in the middle , you will be fully rewarded in the end .

It’s like building a house : The exterior walls are , the roof is covered – and then it’s only really going on. The devil is in the details . They started last year , a lot to change in your life. Now it’s about to finish what you start to realize your ideas. Immediately all the doors you are not always there are open , imagination and persistence are required. Jupiter will support you in the first half and slowly but steadily upward escort . But even gentle slopes cost power ; ensure you always for breathers . Then you could start professionally especially in August for high-altitude flight . Assuming you are not wound up in fights on side scenes : they tend in 2014 to become trouble with authority . That brings it not always. Trust . Prefer to use your head as cool on the hot heart This is much better elsewhere repealed : Especially in February and July, the stars align for love – if you pay attention , despite all professional commitments on the little things signals that can bring the butterflies in my stomach flutter . In the second half of the year then you are already back open for love, lust and passion.

The Minister of Finance is nothing against you . In 2014, you take stock, and whitewashing has never been your thing Consistently throw off ballast to free your balloon to move up into the sky. This may mean that you get rid concretely excess pounds without spasm, simply because you do not irritate the fattening foods . But mentally you have the chance to break free from old feelings of guilt or inhibitions. Saturn offers from April to July , the best conditions for change – you should use . Even though it is not always the purest picnic. Especially in love , you get to feel that: In relationships shows the dreaded Yawn effect. You have the feeling that they know each other inside and out , boredom threatens to stifle the passion . Frosty temperatures ! But if you can manage to continue listening to each other , you can rekindle the embers again . For singles and July is an exciting month. Since you could meet one person who is really up to you as a partner. And the job? The is not the focus in your 2014. Unsuccessful you are still not in March and in August you start to pronounced highs through .

The unbearable lightness of being – not your problem . “Why unbearable? ” You ask and enjoy the first half of 2014, the life to the fullest , elated by Uranus, loosened from Jupiter. As much as you typically seek to control, now let it rip . Suddenly makes it fun to play with fire. Especially in February and March, you are strong at playing with fire and risking your partnership in a conflagration . In singles , the desire to take risks could already be worth more . Meet a exciting people to which you want to really get involved , fascinated by his bohemian lifestyle . Whether solo or dating : In July, Saturn will bring you back to the floor of the facts , fantasies keep the reality check was no longer . The result: In August and September are to change . Perhaps you cancel the job that makes you unhappy for a long time . Or there is a crisis at home. Then you not only disturbs that he never wipes the crumbs from the table , but it comes to the crunch . You should allow plenty of air and thrash out not everything to the bitter end to each other now , because you are not wipe out the tension. And you should act rashly in any case : your love help reform more than the great revolution .

Harmonious :
Virgo and Virgo live in clear conditions and are safe from surprises. Boring it is not yet . Virgo and Capricorn are both strong nerves , a crisis they did not throw so fast , with good chances for a lasting love .

Virgo and Taurus complement each other splendidly. Because the motto ” In peace lies strength ” can both interesting to you. Virgo and Scorpio are attracted to each other. To the hidden passion of the Virgin must advertise it – the Scorpion irritates.

Beautifully complicated :
Virgo and Leo have few points of contact . The Virgin loves it pragmatically , the lion, the abundance and luxury. Virgo and Aquarius are rare . Aquarius is a bird of paradise to the Virgin , he finds her stuffy.


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