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Featured - Spirituality - December 30, 2013

Taurus Horoscope 2014

Well hold on – next year , a fresh wind brings your life messed up quite a bit. It will be exciting !

A few small aftershocks there could be , but the biggest shock is over. Was pretty hard for you: In recent years, old certainties are strong falter . And that’s for people like you who accrues only on a solid foundation in top form , a particularly severe test. But now applies: new year , new luck ! You have again thrown the anchor can relax , get your strength . Throughout the year, you have a particularly good relationship with your body , feel intuitively what is good for you . But also in terms of spiritual impulses , your antennas are widely extended. Especially in the first half suck on new knowledge like a dried sponge. Good Times to close old dreams come true , finally taking singing lessons or to visit the long-planned cooking class. The fresh breeze that blows through your life , bringing new energy into your relationships. In the partnership, the passion returns , old friendships are revived . Especially from August to October , you make very straightforward new band – so many single will discover the joys of togetherness. And the job? Also, since you feel the upswing , especially in April and in November. And with a little luck you may succeed in September unqualified success . So : Let’s pop the corks on New Year’s Eve , your 2014 is great!

Next year ‘s will be really exciting for you . This is due to Neptune , which leads you into regions in which a bull is not so often lost . In the interiors of the soul , the world of dreams and fine perception of what is going on between the lines From April to September, you will always feel again tired and worn out and have trouble to handle your everyday business conscientiously. Because it is fermented in you , you could increasingly turn to psychology or esoteric areas that are in a certain excitement to your strong sense of reality. Especially it could create a sustainable new framework for your life. And suddenly you do things that you long not even dare to think. This may be the leap into self-employment to be – especially in April and in November this is what the star well . Or you plunge into the heart adventure : Singles no longer fall violently how long. And long-standing partnerships on the move . Make sure that you are not imperceptibly alienate your loved one. Then may be a chance the new. Take advantage of them !

Born to be wild ? Normally this is not your motto in life , but in 2014 everything is different because Uranus crosses your path . Under his influence, you are willing to take risks – and much to gain . However, if you use full throttle to take the bull by the horns , you should provide some comfort and do not forget the map . That is not headless drauflos change , but always consider where the journey is going . In which area of ​​life you feel trapped , bored ? Where were you perhaps packaged with your sense of duty and so forced into something where you can not thrive ? Now is the time to solve such brakes , whether at work or in private life . Especially in April and May, Ultimate could change . A certain restlessness is one of them , as well as the alternation between euphoria and anxiety. No wonder that you are not the most balanced are in 2014 – with friends and the partner can rip strongly, even because you are allergic to advice. And rightly so , if the other any change will slow down . But there are also people who are serious with you. Especially in fall, you should give them a chance and do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. At least in this phase should apply to you: Born to be mild.

Harmonious :
Know Taurus and cancer , what they have together. Hold firmly to the tried and liked and give in times of crisis is not equal to . Taurus and Virgo do not expect that life is just a party. Sense of comfort and enjoyment they have yet .

Taurus and Capricorn are the career – pair se. Animate each other to new heights . Taurus and Pisces complement each other wonderfully : The bull organizes and plans , the fish ensures choice of musical flair and that certain something.

Beautifully complicated :
Taurus and Sagittarius remain a stranger . During the bull loves familiar rituals , the shooter is always looking for a new kick . Taurus and Aquarius are struggling with each other. The bull seeks the love for eternity , the Aquarius wants to break .


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