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Featured - Spirituality - December 30, 2013

Scorpio Horoscope 2014

Rest and resting ? With not you. But maybe you should take 2014 times but a bit shorter. Sometimes less is more .

You finally have solid ground under their feet. The long-term limbo in which much was unsure and open, is over. You have arrived , after a long time your ship is now back at anchor. But as is so for mariners : A little sway you still on shore . They are used to it , that the contours of your life are a bit blurred. This phase comes to an end , you close something off – maybe you finish a training, cancel your old job or say goodbye to the maternity leave. Anyway, things are clearer, and that’s what makes you a little scared until May . You will learn to use the new facility and shall be used in the released energy. Jupiter is accompanied by July and signaled : ” Everything will be fine ! ” Even in the love you find with your partner to new quality because you feel in your other lives more secure . They are confident and can therefore be loose and generous , of which not only has your sweetheart something , but your entire circle of friends. For singles the chances are very low in April to develop violent spring feelings for a very special person . This could be more . However, you should (like all scorpions this decade) from August to October not be too cocky . Your new Happiness is a tender plant , do not crush it with inflated claims.

Wherever you pitch your tents in the coming year , by duration , it will be hard . They live like a nomad , always on the go , both internally and externally . Real peace can not be set there. In addition, Neptune drives with you his games : Real Opportunity or mirage – you can not always keep safely apart. At work , you are still very vigorous until April , but you get pimples if you want to set for a long time. What do you tackle now , will only be an intermediate step , but which is extremely important for future goals. In the further course of the year you are no longer quite so hard. You would like to take a break , think , build castles in the air . Also your partnership you want to reinvigorate want more romance, more poetry , but also more tension . As valuable as it is to herbeizuträumen another life – from October you should be careful not to get lost in fantasies , but always keep in mind the reality . This is especially true for singles who may fall violently at this time : not the same as the banns !

You have a complete 2014 swarm of ants in , and which will remain you throughout the year . You must always be in motion, are restless, impatient and not just balanced. With your jerkiness make the nerves of your friends and your partner to a hard test . ” What do I care I said yesterday ,” is your motto , you are unpredictable. Liabilities that you no longer relish , announce as to how to sort out everything that appears somehow yesterday’s or dusty . Compromise? Not with you. Clean up rigorously and bruised bonds in which you feel bound. This may mean the due repayment of a friend who you is no longer being doing well, but also the end of a love relationship in which a too stubborn worm infected. Sensitively you do not prepare such partings and therefore encounter some people quite on the head . Perhaps this is necessary so , you you go in any case so well , especially since Jupiter revamped your mood in the summer. But no later than September, you should again come down from your consistent ego trip , so that you have to celebrate New Year’s Eve alone . Show your friends that they not only play supporting roles in your life, and open your heart. One-person pieces can be quite boring in the long run .

Harmonious :
Scorpio and Taurus are a real power couple. You pay nothing , yet hold together like glue . Scorpio and Pisces are both absolutely passionate , so their relationship is exciting and harmonious at the same time .

Scorpio and Scorpio live a love between heaven and hell. Not for the faint of heart , but never boring. Scorpio and Cancer allow the emotions to talk about cooking . They love dramatically , even if other about to shake their heads.

Beautifully complicated :
Scorpio and Aquarius are full of contradictions . The Scorpio is looking for a spiritual home , the Aquarius is emotionally highly changeable. Scorpio and Leo often get into the wool. The scorpion claimed the lead , but the lion thinks he is the king.


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