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Featured - Spirituality - December 30, 2013

Sagittarius Horoscope 2014

Wow! The coming year begins like a roller coaster ride. But eventually you will but bring back the necessary peace in your life.

With you it works like in nature : By May you make the preliminary work , and when it is finally spring , will burst under you with the buds and flowers are in bloom on . The first months of the year, however, are a real challenge for you. Now it’s is important is not simply wild charge ahead on a target, but to consider carefully what is really worth and what shimmers just so tempting from afar. Already you notice the damn hard – but the second exercise is really nasty for a hot blood like you: patience you must have. Because until you are satisfied with the general overhaul that you have started in 2013 , it will take just a little. But the thing will be worth it guaranteed, because soon the Gordian knot is cut. In May , it is come: Your life is retreaded , so to speak . Couples do again exactly what they have together. in the job you have fought for a place that suits your skills and interests better than ever. Your circle of friends may be smaller – you have rigorously sorted out – but for more reliable and more interesting than before. And in September still meets to Jupiter and ensures creativity , vivacity and happiness in love . Soloists remain no longer alone for long , and is also in the profession ‘s thanks to a powerful conveyor again right ahead, especially in November .

Whether you have probably discovered the recipe for the magic potion of Get a fix ? Anyway, you behave : You sweep with turbo drive through life as if you wanted to set a new record , what you can pack into one year gives everything. Especially April-June you misjudge thereby sometimes . You encounter friends in front of the head , often only see your heels because you are always on the go . If you’re not careful , you’ll get by anybody really what to do with , and vice versa. Less is often more . Also, your body could soon rebel , if it ever suck – even the reserve tank is sometime empty. Treat yourself and other breathers , with a short break or an extended cooking orgy . From May to November ‘s is exciting: An important development phase is over, you separate yourself from your life waste. What do you sort out as unfit lands rigorously on the heap. Anyone who has only ever worked , for example , now discovered the enjoyment and domesticity , maybe junior logs on . But couples must still trying through some lulls , until their love is gaining momentum again – no later than September, she then set off together to exciting new shores. Singles who want to keep it need to go in November and December in coverage : Attack of the love arrows !

Cold , hot , warm, cold – if such contrast baths refresh , then the 2014 for you to fountain of youth. Quiet it is not at the . In the first half fireworks follows the other : You are brimming with ideas that are popular and sought after. However, it may be that you do some much short of breath . This is especially true for love, no matter whether you are solo or bound . On the other hand, is the ease with which you get at this time the heart to dance , just wonderful . And all the while you learn doing a few very fascinating people know . In June , it is as if someone had pulled the plug on you , or at least switched to stand- by mode. The energy is then shut down noticeably , but that ‘s not all bad sides. They are quiet , trying to bring more structure in your life. At work you want to do up old with new perspectives. You might find a nice synthesis , in December, the odds are particularly well . Privately, you crap out strong. If your relationship has become tepid : Make your partner from July to September over again light a fire under – you have the best chance of success .

Harmonious :
Sagittarius and Libra despise both the daily grind , it unites the sense of something special. And they leave each other a lot of space . Sagittarius and Gemini have only one problem: The day has only 24 hours for both together . They use best endeavors .

Sagittarius and Leo are a great team . The shooter makes for intellectual Pep , the lion takes care of the worldly pleasures . Sagittarius and Aries have a troubled , but happy relationship . Because the honest exchange of blows both find most stimulating.

Beautifully complicated :
Sagittarius and Virgo are struggling with each other. The Sagittarius loves the exaggerations , the Virgin likes purist. Sagittarius and Capricorn are not on the same wavelength . The shooter is thinking positive, the Capricorn is a skeptic .


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