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Pisces Horoscope 2019

Something brooding They sneak into the new year . But then you have a good chance of starting your career .

Gee – what do you operate until May , is a total check-up , a kind of tuf your life. And so easy you do not move the plaque out again , which indicates that the test is passed. Return yes else to the harmony ‘s sake conflicts like under the carpet. Now, however, provide you with a rare consequence for you brave all the tough questions : Is the man next to whom I wake up in the morning , really the person with whom I want to spend my life? Am I in the job in the right place or I exhaust myself in the professional rat race pointless from ? What now has on hand, will last , and what you sort out , you know to replace . Because you have a lot of energy . A new training, a move , the end of being single – it’s all in there , especially in February and March. And until June Jupiter ensures that at all the serious questions of fun also finds its niche : With your friends out on the town , enjoying parties, common food, art and culture. In September, you could be in terms of enjoyment of life somewhat overshoot the it that you feed on holiday a little much bacon on the hips or that you go a seducer to the glue that is on closer inspection was not worth . So watch a bit of yourself .

Locker from the stool ? Not you, not next year. You have already started in 2018 with a major cleaning , and now you still wipe a bit here , a little polish there to get your life back to a shine. You have to be careful not to get bogged down . By May , it is particularly important to focus on what matters to households with the forces . Because both mentally and physically you are in this time is not always up to par, struggling with a bruised self-esteem. Especially in the dark season you should get yourself a little sun into your life : Sign up finally to the long-planned dance class on or turn the winter, a long nose, by starting a holiday in the south. As of July it goes up , then you are through with your introspection , particularly revolves around your past and your childhood. Matured you go out of it , take responsibility where you have so far hesitated . Even in love you face the challenges . Couples try a fresh start, looking for singles decided the one who ‘s heart beat faster and the knee can be soft as long as possible . Especially in July and August you might meet a fascinating person who brings the relationships dance . And from October to November , chances are good that your hot heart has the cool autumn storms oppose some.

It is strange how much you can fool your feeling in 2019 : You have always the impression of stepping on the spot when you executed the annual production of a chewing gum factory under the soles . In fact, you will probably be progressed further at the end of the year than ever before. But before that you need rather disoriented wandering around and get a lot in your life new to the series . Try it once to see positive : You are the director in this piece , you decide what is happening on the stage , whether it comes to the job or the love. Thus, there is a happy ending , you should pay attention to accuracy. Listen to your inner voices , but you also do not wipe any advice your girlfriends or your partner aside. The highlight of the year falls to you along with the summer from June to September, the lively Jupiter joins Saturn and to doubters provides fun and relaxation. Interesting is also likely to be in March , because as you do for a living a vigorous leap forward , and at the same time you caught a pretty big love arrow. Hot nights and then deliver peak performance during the day in the job – phew ! You are not getting the 2019 physically fittest . There’s only one thing: a lot of vacation, less stress.

Harmonious :
Pisces and Libra make it up really nice . Life is too short to burden yourself unnecessarily – find both . Fish and fish swim well with each other through life. Both are highly sensitive and will gladly include other consideration .

Pisces and Scorpio attract each other like magnets : Scorpio is sensual and minimalistic , the fish tends to be esoteric . Pisces and Sagittarius have a lot to say. The fish likes to romp about in border areas of knowledge, Sagittarius loves it philosophically .

Beautifully complicated :
Pisces and Virgo argue frequently . For the fish , there are many truths side by side, the Virgin is a clear picture of the world prefer . Pisces and Leo come close to difficult . The fish loves abstract and about the lion concrete and tangible .


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