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Libra Horoscope 2014

Super! With peak mood, you start the new year. Beware that you no spoils .

They float through the first half of the year , as if someone mixed an overdose of happy pills into his food . By June you do not come from this period Trip Advisor good mood down . Always have a smile on his lips, full of energy, no enjoyment are averse and as soon enthusiastic that your friends should do a little take care of you . Because your swing is certainly very refreshing, but in your euphoria , you can turn on every suit as tailor-made – even if he rumschlabbert like a better garbage bag. Especially in the work you could take quite beautiful, if you say yes to everything and Amen . Check sober, whether this or that offer really good fit for your skills, as it seems . Even with your finances , you should be vigilant. The money is very loose , you can gently pulling on the table now . But enough warned : If you from time to time deduct the rose-colored glasses , you can transform the momentum of this year, just in the profession in great successes . Above all, to March, the stars are for good, but also in August and in October there are attractive opportunities. The love carousel rotates until June so hard that you could be dizzy : intimately tenderness, violent jealousy dramas, new liaisons for singles the end of the solo life – anything is possible . You can sleep in 2014. Maybe so.

You nozzles with the lead foot through 2014 , always nice with full throttle ahead. A bit rude you behave this before. Who comes to you on the fast track in the way, you will be surprised : the bullies , who is in you, you have been very well kept secret – as you previously did not even know you . Want to be It’s all right if you do not forever “everybody’s darling” . But your strength is also appreciable, that you can constantly play your oiled muscles. So make sure not to be caught up in very unpleasant infighting , especially in March. Starting in May, you are then in absolute top form , because Jupiter is proposing in your site. Your unusual belligerence can give you a few hearty success at work, if you can manage it , conscientiously to separate the wheat from the chaff . And your personal life sparkles like the most beautiful shower candy. No wonder that exciting Flirts inevitable . This can be , and who is bound , must decide – sleepless nights guaranteed . In the autumn of your life change is something solid , but some lucky upward deflections are you more certain.

Everything new at not only May , but throughout the year 2014. Uranus whispers you the ultimate slogan ear: “Everything is possible . ” That you like to believe , and so every day is a new adventure . Especially to June you develop ideas on the assembly line . In an almost magical way also passes the right to make your brainstorms reality. It has long been playing with the idea of ​​becoming self-employed ? Prompt you meet a former colleague who is looking for a partner for their store . Such coincidences are piling up, and grab the opportunity with both hands boldly . From June to September you should enjoy your exuberance with caution. Because Jupiter supports Uranus, and this combination lets you easily tear down all barriers , without that you are prepared for the flood that order can come upon you . Of course not escape your revolutionary momentum also your heart. In committed relationships , there may be stress, but also new life in the booth . Anyway test is dating as soloists intense as their charms cast on others . And look strong … In autumn and winter you get then back into calmer waters and sail leisurely against the end of the year .

Harmonious :
Libra and Gemini have a lot of freedom to each other : no constraints , no allegiances and no obligations for ever and ever . Libra and Pisces can well empathize with the other – and also let each other at the right moment in peace times .

Libra and Sagittarius live by the motto ” How much is it ? ” . Both will only be satisfied when they get the most out of life. Libra and Capricorn are a super couple. The scale shows how to enjoy without regret , the Capricorn provides the necessary traction.

Beautifully complicated :
Libra and Cancer fire each other vigorously . The Libra loves harmony , the cancer has much left for dramatic twists. Libra and Virgo are like fire and water. While the balance is spending money lavishly , the Virgin afraid to ruin.


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