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Featured - Spirituality - December 30, 2013

Leo Horoscope 2014

Life is a construction site ! And you are in 2014, a successful architect in their own right .

In 2014, her life is a big construction site . In all areas is drilled , hammered, and to set up. A bit messy and hectic it can sometimes go , seemingly uncoordinated – but in the end everything fits well together, and you look proud as Bolle to the new architecture of your life. Too fast , you should not pull up the construction : in the job you already fluttering Although at the beginning of remarkable offers on the table. But until April, you should keep the options still open, it ‘s worth it. In private life , it is different: not tactics you there too much, at some point the patience of those around you is exhausted. What can be an advantage in the profession – talk a lot , say little , lay the cards on the table late – is less helpful in the relationship. If you withdraw too much behind your supposedly sovereign facade , grows imperceptibly , the distance to the other. In the summer everything is easier : Quiet and harmonious flows everything in the desired direction , far and wide no dangerous whirlpool or rapids. Full wegdösen You should not , however , because in September and October, you need to access when you Jupiter brings rich opportunities. In the job -awaited winning streak could adjust . And in love ? Also, since waiting a golden autumn.

Whether next year , a low after another across the country draws : you are your own sun . Rays a stunning optimism , brimming with confidence and know with strength hardly know where to put . Pluto can only inspire you , and because you all year thus have a happy knack , you succeed in whatever you tackle . Nice thing is that you do not get lost in the mere activism , but also to your soul life have a particularly good wire. Because you are not afraid of strong emotions , intensify your friendships , and listen very carefully to the voice of your heart. Especially in August and September get your love a whole new depth , there is no taboo subjects , and who lives in a committed relationship, is fascinated by the partner in a way that both surprised. During this period, Jupiter Pluto still brings to his side , the two together make possible for you to reach for the stars – and actually get hold of one or the other . Professionally, you are no longer satisfied now with interim solutions satisfied , but put on the big coup. And privately could especially singles meet the person who exactly the right buttons to strike white with them. Just enjoy the harmonious sound. Whether it into something permanent can be found then only in the year 2014.

At a referee whistle in 2014 , and you can dictate anything from anyone, the rules can you put more than once suspended. They love it so, in the morning not knowing what’s going on in the evening , and this trait can Uranus emerge more clearly in the next year. This sounds a bit exhausting . In fact, you should look at your hussars rides on breaks, because your health is not always that of a lioness. But for all the effort : you feel alive to the fingertips and are absolutely determined to avoid any stagnation. That you succeed magnificently . You now have the Drive, something new to begin. Anyone who has previously operated tough business , discovers his helper qualities , who is only the Mercantile dedicated , developed his artistic talent . Or vice versa. Surprises are guaranteed , more than once , you will bring your girlfriends will amaze you. Anything that hinders your individual development , let the left. Of course, this is especially true for the relationship between two people who can thereby experience a true makeover . But if only there idling in your partnership , it may be that you show the red card to your partner now . In February , July and August could be on the Liebeskarussell a new candidate pass , hold it !

Harmonious :
Leo and Gemini are both like being the center and always have an open house for their many friends. Leo and Sagittarius love the big gestures and therefore reluctant to talk with the minutiae of daily life in common .

Leo and Aries both shy no confrontation – on the contrary : it spurs them on , when someone opposes something . Leo and Aquarius both have the feeling of being something special. Together they pick the raisins out of each cake.

Beautifully complicated :
Leo and Capricorn are not an ideal couple. The lion feels in his flights of fancy braked, used the Capricorn as a workhorse . Leo and Virgo appreciate each other a little . The Lion judges and make spontaneous decisions , the Virgin is the irresponsible.


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