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Gemini Horoscope 2014

Where is the nearest tree that you can rip out ? With your power you will make in 2014 again caused a sensation !

A pure feast will not be served in 2014. At least in the first half of the year , you often have to make do with dry black bread : ” It is the duty, then the freestyle ” is the motto that your love for the colorful diversity is not just accommodates . But it does not help : By June your spirits are not as awake as usual. Saturn you annoying questions whispers in his ear : “Are you not even started with much larger dreams ” And somehow , you see that he’s right. Personally and professionally , you will change a lot , and that can lead to turbulence . Maybe you do not want a child and your partner ? Or quit your job before you have an alternative , and come so that your colleagues on the head . But despite all the hullabaloo that can arise in this way will help your communication skills and conversation with friends. As of June, you will have more fun together again : the good mood returns , and your life running smoothly again . In the job you now know what you want , and get it promptly , in love , the sun shines again , and even financially you have an unusually good hands. If you then in September and October, Jupiter still missed an extra helping of love of life , you hardly know where to put your energy : It is a hot autumn – not least for your heart …

Two tough guys decide in 2014 what’s going on with you : Saturn and Pluto. That means no loose life , but with the two at your side should you stuff better in terms of power, consistency and persistence no water . These energies do not fritter away in the Small Small . Now it may be something more : you finally make your colleague ‘s own shop on , build a house, wander off – something in this direction could happen. In the exuberance but you should not consider yourself Obelix , you are advised always to the limits of your strength and sometimes even a step beyond. The revenge of course, and then shake your foundations. Especially in May you will be plagued by existential fears , although the reality is much better than you think with your naysayers glasses. Give yourself a few pampering breaks, then it goes up again and by July you have managed an incredible workload . You can reap the benefits and have digested at least a painful farewell . Not necessarily the of your partner – even if your love will be very nice to the test. The danger is great that you expect too much from him , much more than you want to give yourself. From October to December , the situation relaxed : You are really good mood and enjoy life. A wonderful end to the year !

While the colleagues take an hour , you’re done in five minutes if others have an idea you come up with ten other – and usually the best . And so it goes into it with you into July . Uranus called the planet , you have to thank for the fireworks of energy , intuition and joy that you brought a wonderful first half of the year . Everything you need to tackle now developed a great momentum , so do not hesitate! Sleep, rest, relax ? You hardly know what that is . And yet are always fit . Almost scary , especially if you are a guy after another wrap with your dazzling charm around her finger . Want to bind hard singles thereby not necessarily mean there already would have herangaloppieren the dream prince. Anyone who has a loved one at home, let him stew often times. To flirt through the bars is much nicer than to sit with him in front of the telly . In the summer , the vortex is over: you’re full , no, actually, you have a bit to eat . And then proposes to the pendulum . They vary between rumination and suppression – at least you are not at peace with itself . In August zoffen with each , for couples it is now watch and always looking for compromises. Hoist times prefer the peace flag , rather than demanding your rights .

Harmonious :
Gemini and Aries pull together . Their common motto : Use it or lose it – just stay not stand. Twins and twins are a quick lively pair. Lots of hustle and bustle is guaranteed, and the conversation never goes out .

Gemini and Leo are very sociable. The Twin provides the contacts, the lion holds then together with him yard. Gemini and Libra feel for each other . Both need a counterpart with whom they can interact intensively .

Beautifully complicated :
Gemini and Capricorn are like fire and water. The twin loves curvy paths , the Capricorn seeks the arrow-straight path to the goal . Gemini and Cancer live excitingly together. The twin needs the long line , the cancer examined the merger.


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