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Featured - Spirituality - December 30, 2013

Capricorn Horoscope 2014

The happiness you might strum abundant in the womb . Also require you to be just at the right moment on the spot.

Seems like you would look at New Year’s Eve pretty deep into the champagne glass. The corresponding mood continues with Jupiter’s assistance until well into May : Upbeat start to the year , are loose and your relationships almost reckless. Suddenly , the motto is “Only he who dares, wins .” Since you usually only tackle what is checked through to the year 2007 to all the episodes , something more risk-taking will do you very well. And since you’re not suddenly a completely different person are yes, the risk is also low , lie down as a failed soldier of fortune a belly landing . What you start from February to April , has the best chance of success : The new self , another job , a project that allows you a rise . Even in July and in December it a lot for work . But forget about your private life does not : You should also take advantage of the momentum to once again to turn a few surprising pirouettes. Perhaps even learn to play the piano ? Or the Spanish course at the community college study? And above all, do not look away when you winking at the new colleague so nice. Singles should open in May and June, the gates wide to her heart. Who is bound , of course, have to give your loved one a chance. The should make an effort at full if he wants to keep up with everything that has changed in you. And that may provide new Pep in the relationship.

Your all-time high this year is where it belongs: in the summer. From May to July, you blooming on that it is a real pleasure , personally and professionally . Until then, you should not put your hands in your lap – but when you notice the Capricorn anyway difficult . So get : By May it ferments in you , though somewhat diffuse . Try to go to the bottom of things . What exactly makes you so unhappy at work ? What alternatives were there ? Who can help you to develop new ideas? It may well be that you are looking for something where you can bring your creativity to better advantage . Privately set some to the test , especially in your relationship. Maybe you should work for a while hit man make something to give your life feeling more room , which was too short for long. Do not worry , professional still works out a lot. In May, you could get with a bit of luck the ultimate offering that will change much . And since you are then ever on the rise , it carries you privately to lofty heights . In the summer you get to know people whose unconventional , enjoyable stressed way you fascinated . For some ibex this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship , in fact many a love for life. From October to December, you should then try to get a little rest and to winterize your luck .

When the jackpot in 2014 is filled to the hilt, you should try to crack it. The Stars after you had the best chance – you are a prime candidate for the lucky guy of the year. In January, They are bursting with energy and professionally convince stubborn skeptics of your ideas. Right off we go, then from May to July . Jupiter and Uranus will walk arm in arm on the way , and that could mean that offers a truly spectacular Super opportunity. Perhaps at last the long-awaited leadership position for which you rubella long time. Maybe, but also something that you do not yet have shimmer and gives you the knee can be even more soft. Only a mistake you must not make : procrastinating when the fairy comes along . She does not need to knock twice. By the way, keep the cosmic mastermind and private moments of happiness in a class for you – with a few envious people must by now be ready. Have a dream partner from whom you thought he ‘d never, ever worthy of a look ? Then prepare yourself for the fact that you were wrong . And enjoy your happiness according to drain, as from September applies to you privately and in the job again the old familiar motto : Work first , then play . A pity really .

Harmonious :
Capricorn and Taurus are both tough and sometimes quite stubborn – they defy common to the vicissitudes of life . Capricorn and Virgo keep both like to stick to the facts and shy away from each other without work or responsibility .

Capricorn and Pisces complement each other perfectly : The Capricorn relies on hard work, the fish on its sensitivity Capricorn and cancer benefit from their strengths : The Capricorn creates ran the money , the cancer makes for mind and soul.

Beautifully complicated :
Capricorn and Leo trust each other hardly . The Capricorn doubts the quick success , the lion takes him gladly . Capricorn and Gemini do not understand each other . The Capricorn is silent , the twin needs the conversation.


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