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Cancer Horoscope 2014

Secret dreams? In the coming year , you can realize it. The stars favor !

With the momentum of the outgoing year, you rush into the next and hope that everything goes on sparkling as 2013. But on ” faster – higher – on ” there is no doubt, You must stay off of the pink cloud again . Do not worry, here below , it is also quite beautiful. Assuming you know the energies of Jupiter to use them correctly : It gives you fortune , but only if you know your limits . You do not have the same vultures on the next promotion , if you are climbing up recently only a step. And your personal happiness you should not put at risk for any Beau that makes you beautiful eyes. If you make sure that the trees grow not only in heaven but also in width, then you will experience until May personally and professionally a really good time . But it could be that you need to ask a few important points – and that’s not your favorite exercise. Because you two alternatives usually both want to select and best yet a third to do so. Please take your time to consult with friends , but do not lazy compromises. Then you will also find a good solution. From June to paddle back into the calmer waters inside and outside and competent- men to rest. And you will realize how much you have previously experienced and achieved.

Do you have a heart’s desire lies dormant in the depths of your everyday life to himself ? Or have you long to feel to give up something that should not be missing in your life? Anyway, 2014 is the year in which you make castles in the air on a solid foundation , then you can really move . It is a happy year in which you will be poorer by a few dreams in the end – they are just become reality. Especially from May to July is waiting for an exciting time , helps in Jupiter, reveal hidden potential. Maybe you feel it again , as that is when your heart beats in front of a rendezvous to the neck. It may also be that you give professionally as strong gas that you almost stand out. From Saturn , which also drop by in May and June , you may not be deterred . Maybe someone is trying to make you feel guilty if you pursue your goals . Do not be put off . You know what ‘s good for you , and as long as you while others do not simply boxes to the side, that’s fine . In the summer of happiness flies on you like the swarm of bees on the honeycomb : In June you how long gone are experiencing a love noise , and in July and August, joins the success in the job to do so. No matter how gray then the fall is : You have tanked enough sun in your heart.

The purest your year 2014: full of happy surprises. Therefore, you can trigger powerful New Year’s Eve and look forward to the coming months. The beginning is still somewhat restrained : In February you are uneasy and restless , from a diffuse need for freedom that drives relationships in a few clouds across the sky. Just let yourself go by ! The year holds opportunities available that you should wait . Unexpectedly, they come, and you must be sure not scramble – just genuine gifts . Especially the period from June to September, you should mark in their calendars . Since my Saturn and Uranus well with you . The Charming is that you in this time not only projects loosely – fuzzy succeed that you have in mind for a long time – a career leap , perhaps, or a great trip you have planned eternally . The wort is in the unexpected, brings the fateful twists for you with it : Random encounters can lead to amazing results ; surprise yourself . Cupid for example, is targeting now like the same goal for the second time . Even veteran couples fall in love again stormy one another. In October it is quiet , but Uranus provides further breath of fresh air . Let us blow through !

Harmonious :
Cancer and Virgo speak a similar language . Even in times of crisis, they are able to meet each other constructively . Cancer and Taurus are both sensuous . Above all, they know that love goes through the stomach – and celebrate rich culinary festivities.

Cancer and Leo are an almost perfect couple. The cancer makes sense for the lion for shine and the effect outside. Cancer and Scorpio maintain a spirited connection. They love each other fiercely , but both are also very jealous.

Beautifully complicated :
Cancer and Aries connects little. The cancer can like it all hang out , the Aries is a fighter and looks for the competition. Cancer and Libra ? Exhausting ! The cancer wants the other with skin and hair, the scales fears such exclusivity .

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