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ARIES Horoscope 2014

Every year, the planets move in the years reign from 2013 is a lunar year , and 2014 will be a SATURN YEAR.

This parent Saturnine influence gives many acts of special emphasis. But invites mainly to reflect, to question the current situation in life. So Stimulates to consider whether you really get where you wanted to be , personally and professionally .

And should any question mark here , it’s good to know his horoscope closer to possibly pursue new paths.

According to the season equivalent are ARIES Spring people , and this influence , the awakening of nature , impressed in fact, these zodiac section .

Who saw the light of day in this fire sign , for the means of life be alive in the truest sense of the word. Standstill or even boredom do not exist in the vocabulary of an ARIES .

For ARIES Theories are innovative in their thinking and actions , do not want to stand in life.

And the motto of a typical ARIES – born is: Who dares, wins .

Professional plug ARIES their goals often high, and are willing to do much for it to reach them.

However, a hint of impatience rams his own, wait for one is not necessarily to their preferences. What can intensify by a mixture of plutonic and Uranian influences next year.

Until mid-2014 , it is especially important not to act spontaneously . But rather rest to exercise . Rather keep the achieved to date , as at any price to seek changes . But to realize them only from the summer and fall.

Otherwise, it is important to check in advance as possible all through their paces . Uranus can sometimes bring interesting offers , but which will retain a light or hindsight not necessarily what they promise in advance.

And hasty decisions and decisions can often be difficult to correct after the fact.

By the summer, you can say so far : In the quiet of the strength and success lies . Or: Good things sometimes have a little while.

From mid-July but Jupiter begins to face promoting this Zodiac section . What is in the course of exacerbated .

Now begins a good quality of time in order to realize new. Applications are encouraged, and even self get a cosmic updraft .

If you make things so chamber tackle in the first half , then to take advantage of your opportunities , the end of the year may show a positive balance .

In relation to financial Same as professionally : The first half you should procrastinate on bank , investments are either still going on. Or prepare everything very carefully , and critically examine .

In the second half of ARIES can have a good intuition for investments , can regulate financial matters at all well . And thanks to a successful second half of something put aside .


By mid- May 2014 Uranus can cause trouble in relationships that lead to fluctuating emotions , and also to the inclination to express themselves spontaneously .

This possibly relationship porcelain to smash , which then can be difficult kitten again .

Try getting a degree , and it was to curb subliminal impatience. If you are your thing in a partnership not sure entirely to await in peace the further development , then clear to see from the early summer.

Tension in partnerships in the summer of 2014 quite dissolve by itself again , and if not , then the time is ripe for clarifying discussions .

There is now more balance before , and feelings can be estimated very well, factual arguments are promoted.

For singles can indeed arise contacts on the first half of the year , but are more subject to a kind of flirtation character than that paves something serious .

But there may also be the exception to the rule. Namely, when a partner horoscope has particularly positive aspects to each other.

But starting in the summer , and amplifies the fall to himself something serious may initiate .

And who have long longs for a fulfilling togetherness , may well help out his luck by his own initiative .

Look in the event that you often get under people , which corresponds to your social disposition without this.

Or have a look around on the Internet. It can even result in spontaneous contacts , but in cosmic promoting one often learns faster to know a partner , if you do not anything to chance .


The main constellations in 2014 to give energy and drive .

However, the influences on the part of Pluto and Uranus can cause some anxiety and nervousness.

This can be compensated with wonderful sport just in a fire sign.

Because according to your temperament relax especially well with targeted , physical activity.

Even if your schedule is very busy , it would be advisable to reserve two times per week for that time .

Trips offer a good balance ability and can from early summer to autumn and a long way. Mental balancing act especially , but also ever considered around the turn of 2013/2014.

Who has the power , should so far as to pack the suitcases , and it was off and on for a long weekend .

So much for the tendencies for ARIES , based on the position of the sun .

More meaningful is of course an individual horoscope , which covers all planets, houses and aspects.

If you have questions about your future , know your options , and would like to use , this will give you write me your birth date , place of birth and your birth time .

I will then be able to say with a free short written analysis a bit about your current situation and your to impending issues.


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