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Featured - Spirituality - December 30, 2013

Aquarius Horoscope 2014

Perhaps you soon turns the head because so many changes are pending . For this you can but shed a lot of baggage .

In the year that comes to an end , you are sometimes a bit hovering far above the ground . 2014 can be found thanks to Saturn back to earth , but remain creative and imaginative with Neptune’s help. So a healthy mixture comes to conditions : You have the power not only to dream , but disciplined and full commitment to do things concretely . Some of your great ideas you may not be able to implement in one go – but it do not be discouraged . Especially in the first half of the year is a change in the house , perhaps a move or a new employer. Private runs at this time all in harmonious paths , the atmosphere is right , your sweetheart is very kind to you , have fun with your girlfriends . But something is missing: A bit of iridescent , slightly less predictable you would still like it . From August to October, the stars are favorable for that. Jupiter encourages them to let it rip sometimes correct, more daring than the usual. Nicely, if you are doing get to know people who introduce you to new and fascinating worlds. But you should be careful , some not too willing to idealize there are many damn frogs, which can not be transformed into a prince with a kiss partner . If you fall on the nose in Love: At the end you have all the same professional success.

Neptune leads 2014 are the director and his production to old roles and familiar life patterns dissolve slowly. It takes a bit until you realize how the piece can go on – and of course you are uncertain . They are softer than usual, sensitive and introverted . Just there, in the inner life , but you can also find valuable answers to your questions. For example, if you pay attention to your dreams, their meaning , you now have particularly good access . Much is in motion. In the job , new perspectives on doing your old apartment maybe you no longer pleases . Previously, anyone who did not want to miss the charms of the city, suddenly discovered how beneficial can be the quiet country life , and is considering a move . Who raved so far for rap and pop, suddenly excited for classical music. And in that regard you lose your usual control of closeness and distance, have the feeling of losing oneself in the other. Just for you this is all quite confusing. And then bangs still cupid at the beginning and during the summer his arrows through the area – especially for singles can have consequences . If you will eventually get dizzy because shift your coordinates so wild , you should sometimes take a break : departure to the island !

Not exclude turbulence , so the weather is for your year 2014. Uranus , the old whirlwind storms through your life and awaken the rebel in you. Wherever you feeling restricted : with bear forces you to fight for your freedom while encountering some resistance. This unrest can be highly productive. Perhaps hardly one stone remains with the remodeling of your house life on the other , but in the end you will have a new roof over your head, perhaps better suits you. Where the changes in the coming year be all the more radical, the more you have hitherto been suppressed your actual potential. Anyone who has turned in his relationship too long problems under the carpet , his partner is now shock with a strong kick . Couples , however, who have never forgotten that love remains alive only when it changes , are experiencing a second spring – but in the summer, then the stars are particularly weighed the matters of the heart . Of course, this also applies to singles who should be prepared for an exciting encounter. Professionally, the peak is in July and August , in the middle of the holiday season . Could be worth it so if you hold down the fort while the rest of the world putters on the beach.

Harmonious :
Aquarius and Sagittarius like to save the world together . Interested in the big picture and new approaches . Aquarius and Gemini are both mentally always in motion and let each other enough room .
Aquarius and Pisces each have a wire to the super-sensible and can talk at length about spiritual topics. Aquarius and Aries both love their independence. Trust is good, control destructive – that’s their motto.

Beautifully complicated :
Aquarius and Cancer like to go opposite ways . The Aquarius is a pre-social , the cancer is atrial . Aquarius and Capricorn provoke each other quickly. The Capricorn needs order, Aquarius constructive chaos.


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