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Horoscope - December 27, 2013

Taurus Horoscope 2014

Taurus Horoscope 2014: 

Taurus Horoscope 2014

Hold claims in check

Year 2014: claims in check until August a lucky star hovering over you. Because you should not be asked twice if fate rolls out the red carpet for you. Before every success , however, is also disciplined and purposeful work and perseverance and tact . Listen like your inner voice . In the second half of the year you are increasingly demanding and reckless . Put achievements in no way compromised. 

Love / partnershipSaturn represents 2014, the relationship to the test , so to speak . Therefore,
especially as Jupiter could be especially in the second half of the
year and more broadly make more frustration , attack your luck by
exaggerated expectations and selfish impulses .
Nevertheless, it goes with Pluto , 2014 by very deep, intense feelings and passion. And
because Jupiter to mid-July is still positive , you can bring with
dedication and care , the partnership into a harmonious and stable level
Then you are also stressful phases much easier. 

Job / MoneyIn the first half of the year offer interesting and lucrative opportunities that you can successfully expand . Since you should access afloat. From August, but the stars have no professional vertical takeoffs longer available. That is, the faster you want higher and higher , the deeper you might fall . Stay pretty on the bottom of the modest facts. Generally you need a lot of patience and staying power in 2014 because Saturn comes up with obstacles and delays. You can, however , thanks to Pluto surpass himself . 
Fitness / Well-being2014 is not a marathon year in which you must constantly demand a high performance. For a Saturn – voltage urges the reasonable to the economical use of physical forces. As of the summer you should also keep in mind the line better . While eating and drinking delicious is fine, but should not be your favorite activity . Fairly efficient , motivated and optimistic are until mid-July . During this time, so you may be happy to make some more . Not only professionally , but also in sports.

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