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Horoscope - December 27, 2013

Sagittarius Horoscope 2014

Sagittarius Horoscope 2014

Sagittarius Horoscope 2014

New paths to success
New paths to success happiness and progress are the change and it is
important to take advantage of the diverse opportunities .
Power up but not go blindly on it, you would rather concentrate your forces and forge you elaborate ? and realistic – plans. Then you can thanks to Jupiter and Uranus conquer the world in the second half . Your enthusiasm and persuasiveness are your key to success . Your skills , of course.
Love / partnershipMars ( to August) and Uranus ( the whole year ) mix your relationship life on extremely positive. In
this respect, sex may not be the last salt in love soup and it says
absolutely nothing about it if you significantly more active ,
passionate and willing to experiment are in erotic ways.
Later Jupiter ensures the great harmony and fulfills all wishes. The only obstructionist is Neptune, could you do something too passive and blind to reality . Beware Singles : put not flirting on the rose-colored glasses .
Job / MoneyAs Whatever your plans, career stars are behind you. But give yourself a bit more thinking time , and be especially three speak of anyone. Make
your decisions unaffected and assess options , offers , and supervisors
and employees generally more critical and realistic.
Then you can tackle from August thanks to Jupiter and Uranus New and reap success. No wonder . They are confident and convincing. From your leadership qualities to mention .
Fitness / Well-beingBy the summer you can readily than expected, happy , dynamic and largely good -humored powerhouse call . So may the job and / or home like a couple of strenuous work on the program , more athletic training as well. Later,
the power curve is not more permanently at the peak , but you are
motivated , best things and met all the requirements well .
Nevertheless you need more than once overcome your weaker because you are not allowed to let her go with a Neptune – voltage.

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