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Horoscope - December 27, 2013

Pisces Horoscope 2014

Pisces Horoscope 2014: 

Pisces Horoscope 2014

Life has a lot to offer
2014: Life has a lot to offer Jupiter, the planet of luck , will not leave until the summer slouch . Therefore, you should not waste any time , but take promising opportunities quickly and immodest and turn into solid successes. Be confident, and do not be afraid , they want to show the teeth. 2014 You can almost allow everything except one thing : namely indulge illusions. On the ground of reality you are but surely.
Love / partnershipThey must be prepared for pleasant surprises. Especially
in the first half of the year shows the love thanks to Jupiter and
Pluto of its romantic and tender , but also passionate side .
Let deep feelings easily , stand and talk to you but for me, what you want. Especially with regard to your secret desires. So you trigger a positive response . All in all, you can be satisfied with Cupid’s services. Singles can ? Jackpot ? pull . You just must not be naive .
Job / MoneyThe professional world has a lot to offer in 2014. Do not dilly-dally and lose precious time only . By
the summer , you can reap significant success if you also develop your
skills confidently and quiet a bit challenging to prove .
are you well-disposed and transferred will be happy to demanding – and,
not least , of course, better endowed – tasks if you only indicate a
willingness to do so.
In no case, there is cause for undue modesty and / or restraint !
Fitness / Well-being2014 is almost certainly a powerful year thanks to positive influences of Jupiter , Saturn and Pluto. They are not only the mood and in a good mood , you are also resilient and persistent, especially to mid-July . Therefore,
you may both professionally and privately perform not only in the first
half of the year , but also cope confidently.
The only troublemaker is Neptune , which nourishes your inner dog. Give him a chance , you will always be beautiful in motion. Luxury foods you should also dispense highly economical.

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