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Horoscope - December 27, 2013

Libra Horoscope 2014

Libra Horoscope 2014: 

Libra Horoscope 2014

Avoid Daring maneuvers
2014: avoid Daring maneuvers Do not be too risk averse or makes you hungry . So that you not only endanger career development that you bring the love life in disharmony. New ways are of course in order and not least promising. But you always act with sense and reason , politic and some compromise. Then you can turn , especially in the second half of great opportunities that Jupiter offers you into success .
Love / partnershipOn
the one hand you yearn for stability and security in the relationship,
especially in the first half , on the other hand, you take a lot more
personal space than usual to break the inclination ( and to be
unfaithful ) , if you everyday seems too narrow, the harmony can
but endanger more than you’d like . Therefore find acceptable compromises and refer to your sweetheart in your varied leisure activities with a . Then the love shows in August with Jupiter’s help from her best side.
Job / MoneyIn the first half of the developments are far from desired. Supervisors are not easy to deal with and hard to convince . And because you are on top of that quite ambitious and impatient , it may give unnecessary trouble in the executive suite . Keep Calm and go to work concentrated . Caution should be exercised in new offers. Do not judge euphoric, but sensible and farsighted. From August to get but finally the updraft . If you pack up bravely , growing your reputation ? and the bank account as well.
Fitness / Well-beingMars ( to August) as well as Uranus and Pluto (solid) are oblique . Since you should take it easy now and then, when the body and / or the nerves demand times for small breaks. With haphazard or ambitious exaggerations you do in fact any favors. Your need for a change, you must give willingly of course . You are warned that no unnecessary stress arises from it. When things do is too colorful , you should simply press the Off button , put your feet up and rinse off and relax.

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