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Horoscope - December 27, 2013

Leo Horoscope 2014

Leo Horoscope 2014:

Leo Horoscope 2014

Implementing new ideas persistently
Implement new ideas persistently makes Saturn in 2014 , although for
some challenges here and there even for concrete blocks.
But with patience and endurance you will grow in your job , sent obstacles and overcome sovereign – and eventually succeed. For Jupiter, the lucky charm makes . However, only in the second half of the year . Since Uranus is low , you should try valiantly to implement innovative ideas and concepts.
Love / partnershipDo you doubt . Either on your charm still at your heartstrings Then Cupid can not do too much for you , unfortunately . But if you are open , warm , natural and passionate, you float no later than August pink clouds. Many a lion thinks occasionally out of sheer frustration , is responsible for the Saturn in 2014 , perhaps to separation ? Only rush anything. Jupiter provides , as mentioned, from the summer for the great happiness of love . And singles have to hope for a new beginning. Maybe even with a big bang , as you have so much.
Job / MoneyThe fulfillment of career dreams is favored bolder cosmic only in the second half of the year . Therefore, you should be patient a little , so you do not use up your precious professional powder too early. Good and thorough work you must of course afford anyway. For before the success of Saturn has provided the industry . Luckily you can to August packing a lot thanks to Mars and ever earn bonus points. Then it goes up quickly . New ideas and projects can be implemented with promising Jupiter and Uranus success.
Fitness / Well-beingBasically, the energy supply in 2014 is a bit limited by Saturn. Nevertheless, you do not have to permanently engage the overdrive thanks to Mars, Jupiter and Uranus. The art ? or the feel-good factor ? is to ensure the future in all things to the right level . Do
you exercise , as it corresponds to your real condition , nourish
yourself so that you schedule any excess fat and exert yourself always
and forever in positive thinking.
You also need a lot of fun variety and stimulating mental impulses.

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