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Horoscope - December 27, 2013

Aries Horoscope 2014

Aries Horoscope 2014 : 

With the summer happiness comesYear 2014: With the summer happiness comes success The stars are in sight , but leave some time in coming . But as of August You come into the updraft . Until then , you must keep your momentum and especially impatience in check. You squander neither energy nor a great idea at the wrong time . Plan new projects thoroughly , and then start by sovereign.
Love / partnership
you are dissatisfied with the partner and the relationship , especially
in the first half , feel misunderstood and / or concentrated , you
should neither accept nor think of separation.
Sit down with the problems openly and honestly apart. Singles are the way well -advised to make important decisions heart not to be too hasty or euphoric. As of August you get but by Jupiter , the instructions for Happiness . Be spontaneous , warm and generous in all respects – and enjoy the love easy.
Job / Money
Also in the job developments are initially not always desired. Be a little careful until the summer , when it comes to important decisions and / or major changes . Do not take risks and do not overestimate your abilities. Then, unnecessary mistakes and mishaps can be avoided. On power games the way you should do without . You could lose out . Later, the stars are shining career strong . Supervisors mean well with you , and confident and competent performances are rewarded .
Fitness / Well-being
By the summer , it is health levity to avoid , because Jupiter and Mars are slanted slightly . Which of course does not mean that you have to constantly be on the sofa. Beware of self-esteem , and reduce the calorie intake. Otherwise you could start more bacon than you’d like . In
addition, the nerves react in 2014 with a Uranus – voltage sensitive
than usual sports would be a suitable valve for stress reduction.
In particular, you should regularly trim . This quality , however, before quantity

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