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Horoscope - December 27, 2013

Aquarius Horoscope 2014

Aquarius Horoscope 2014: 

Aquarius Horoscope 2014

Hold the ball slightly flatter
2014: Hold up the ball more flat The New irritates you immensely. And may it also . Not just at work , you could go new ways . But you should not believe that success is a matter of course . Especially not in the second half . Although you would like to grab for the stars , but duties , responsibilities or even obstacles you hold on . Just do not give up . If you pursue your goals persevere , you will eventually be richly rewarded .
Love / partnershipIf
the partnership is in a crisis , which could be you increasingly aware
especially in the second half of the year , you should do something to
get the relationship back on track carts .
the first place you could have your ( ownership ? ) 
claims to partner noticeably , second could be work in a team a
relationship reform.
Take advantage of the inventive power of Uranus, the only star who is very kind to you , and discover your new love . Also bring a lot of momentum in everyday life. The works wonders .
Job / MoneyThey are quite demanding and burn formally on new tasks and challenges ? and of course to success. But
Saturn apparently has other plans and places you like to have some
obstacles in the way to test your discipline , seriousness and
Imagine the ? Cosmic tests ? . Especially in the second half of the year you reap else instead of the longed laurels unfortunately only minus points. Sit especially not to far from the window . Promises that you can not keep gnawing violently on your image.
Fitness / Well-beingBasically, it can not hurt if you are a bit more attention in 2014 on health. Because the load capacity as well as the resistance force have a Saturn – voltage certain limits that should not be ignored. Especially in the second half , where Jupiter is inclined and tempted to carelessness. Mars, the power planet, at least until the summer provides you with lots of energy , and athletic ( he ), he also makes you . Take advantage of this phase , when strenuous work pending. Exaggerate but nothing .

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