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Astrology - December 27, 2013

2014 will be a SATURN YEAR

 2014 will be a SATURN YEAR, Expert forecasts for 30 years

2014 will be a SATURN YEAR

In astrology, everything has its specific quality time , and experience has shown it makes a huge difference in everything we want to achieve , whether promotional constellations shape our horoscope.
Or the stars may have inhibitory or difficult aspects . Be it private, be it professionally or in terms of finances.

2014 is subject to changeable , planetary influences, which , in fact, so many points can be made new, and certainly should also be made new to many .

Also taking the overall influence of the annual regent plays a certain role.

2013 was a lunar year , and could bring as many capricious development with it . Thus, some , quite willing also keep unwelcome development or surprise.

In 2014 Saturn takes over the years regency . Saturn is not a gift forming planet, but he calls the consequence of the action.

In particular, the case of strong Saturnine imprints as in 2014 we can say so far : Everyone is himself his own fortune .

Developments simply to chance , is not recommended in SATURN years.

But the message of this powerful planet encourages purposeful action to change, after everything has been carefully thought out and behind questioned.

Encouraged to leave old habits , and who remains for some time in an unsatisfactory life for whatever reason , for which the quality of time has come to take stock.

And to think calmly and with precision , where the way to go. Who’s to 2014 targets , usually has very good prospects of being able to achieve them .

Which of course is dependent on each of the constellations of the individual birth chart .But the effects Saturnian influences , combined with the equally strong planets Jupiter and Uranus encourage a large extent to throw overboard legacy , so to speak , to be trusted a lot , and to proceed after mature reflection to action.
Each planet is also influenced by the zodiac section in which he finds himself. Saturn until shortly before the turn of the year 2014 in the sign of Scorpio.

And thus given in terms of thinking and take stock still an amplifier effect.

For the sign of Scorpio is subject to a deep embossing, typical scorpions go mentally in depth, any kind of superficiality is away from them .

Take time virtually ” on the fly ” to change something , is not advisable in 2014. What times can entice Uranus , which still resides in the zodiac section of the ram.

What the anyway spontaneous nature of this planet is intensified , but the sign of Aries is a fire sign , spirited , storming to the front, and classic Aries have the word patience is not necessarily written on the flags . Just patience but is 2014 times the path to success and happiness.

Another strong planet which is not to underestimate its effectiveness in 2014 , Jupiter mixed in the sign of Cancer until mid- July , and then switch to the section of the lion.

Jupiter is also generally seen as “lucky planet” , he is also in its positive effect.

Where Jupiter promotes positive developments rather slowly in the water sign of cancer , but this can be accelerated when he enters the fire sign of Leo .

All in all, have a strong planet in 2014 at times somewhat contradictory from , also depending on which basic constellations of the horoscope which houses they affect temporarily .

2014 is a year in which can enforce either or high or a low in many people. What it is itself contribute to the development of a high amounts .

Under saturnine influence can sometimes be downright pass on his luck , missed opportunities.Especially if one underestimates the Saturnine influence , it pays too little attention. Just leave everything as it was, it was out of convenience , whether from fear of the new .

But if you take stock professionally and personally , then you can give clear insights Saturn.And the mixture of even innovative Urania influences, along with a healthy dose of optimism on the part of Jupiter , whose temporary promotion, the way to a better future point .

SATURN has the advantage that it not only thought-provoking , but also ensures that you come to conclusive results .

The fact that so many decisions , some answer that seemed so far hidden in the mist, suddenly becomes clearly visible.

2014 is not a year for reverie, but the realistic approach . And if doing so, as those of you eventually to the end of the year wishes come true , or at least be within reach .

Let yourself with all the time in the rest are now the strength and success.

But you also do not hesitate to consult your individual horoscope. Because of this you can have changes in accessible ways , be a decision-making aid .

“Nothing is as constant as change” , said recently a successful entrepreneur.

What he is of course right . For ever something changes, also in world affairs. But we ourselves change us develop ourselves . And be influenced by what we experience.

However, the 2014 effective , strong planetary influences ensure that life can get moving in a good sense .
Just not rare even there new opportunities arise in Saturn years , where we would not expect you , or they have not been credited to us .

SATURN strengthens the capacity to act , and often self-confidence. Gives clarity to our thoughts , our actions and structure.

Go so far everything with care and confidence to.

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