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Science - Spirituality - December 16, 2013

The Secret of Creation in a Solar Universe – Part 2

The Third Vital energy conscious center, which comes in manifestation due to the interaction of the Negative [Receiver] – Positive [Giver] conscious energies of the first two differentiated parent centers, who themselves are evolved from the energy radiations emitted from the established “Great Void” in the ethereal segment which is commonly known in various theologies as the “Para Bindu, Sunya or Ein soph”, has a particular balancing conscious aspect, related to intellectual activity, which starts the circular motion in the nebulae matter of the first Solar System, and this Circular Motion thus creates the concept of “Time” in the Ethereal space segment, which form the radius of influence and thus set the spherical energy parameters of the Solar Universe to evolve in the ethereal space, which becomes the basis of Evolution for the “Tree of Life” [Kalpa Vriksha] to exist, with a huge unfathomable time period of life consciousness as far as the understanding of common Human beings are concerned.

This 3rd Vital Consciousness Center, which is the balanced energy center of Intellectual activity due to interaction of its two parents Negative – Positive Conscious Energies, is the upholder of universal law of “Will to do Good” which exist both in its positive and negative harmonized Vital consciousness state of existence, and thus is the “Justice or Balance” delivering vital energy conscious center of the entire Solar Universe.

Being the Vital Conscious Center of Intellectual activity, then through the attribute of circular motion thus the third Vital Consciousness Center differentiates its vital consciousness further into 7 vital conscious aspects to have a sevenfold conscious experience of mind consciousness present in the Vital Ether represented as the 7 differentiations of light frequency vibrations [1 +6 =7], which are emitted from this cosmic as well as a planetary center in the finite but huge egg shaped spherical parameters of the Solar Universe. The six emitted vibration frequencies from this vital consciousness center of Intellectual activity are depicted by the shape of an Energy Hexagon, which takes a churning formation through circular motion upon it. In our own Solar Universe this role of Intellectual activity third vital conscious center is played by Saturn [Shani – Shabbathai].

Thus the 3rd Center of Intellectual activity has two roles to play in a Solar Universe, the first One as the balancing role in the Group of the first three Vital Conscious Centers, and the second role as the Mother aspect of giving birth to the second group of vital consciousness Energies totaling to number “7” in which it is also a part of the second group of vital consciousness centers thus mathematically denoted as the 1 + 6 = 7 in a Solar Universe.

When adding the total vital consciousness centers thus manifested in a solar Universe they become the First 3 + Later 7 + the Cosmic Vital Energy point or the Great void, Shunya or “Ein Soph”+ the Base of Vital consciousness, from which the cosmic energy point “Ein Soph” got derived in the first place thus making a total mathematical number of “12”, which is the basis of all “Solar Universes” thus manifested in any Galaxy, as well as is the basis of the various Galaxies themselves in the Entire “Infinite Universe”, which is  manifested in the Huge “Ethereal Vital Consciousness Segment” provided by the next higher conscious level unknown to many, which is the Ethereal Conscious zone of “Outfinite”.

Thus the mathematical number “12” is the true Mathematical Number which holds the “Secret of Creation” of the Infinite universe as well as all the Solar Universe’s which exist in it. This mathematical number “12” which when mathematically further reduced becomes “3” [1+2 = 3], which again consciously relates to the 3rd vital consciousness center of Intellectual activity, which provides the harmony and balance during Involution and Evolution, and thus is commonly termed as the ”Divine Justice Center” of a Solar Universe.

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