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Astrology - December 4, 2013

Lucky perfume for various Sign and Acendant

Lucky perfume for various Rashi(sign) and asendants

For Arise – Lucky perfume: Dragon’s blood.
For Taurus – Lucky perfume : Storax.
For Gemini – Lucky perfumes: lavender, Wormwood
For Cancer – Lucky perfume: Onycha.

For Leo – Lucky perfume:Olibanum
For Virgo – Lucky perfume: Narcissus.
For Libra – Lucky perfume: Galbanum
For Scorpio – Lucky perfume: Saimese benzoin
For Sagittarius –  Lucky perfume:Lignaloes
For Capricorn – Lucky perfume: Musk
For Aquarius –  Lucky perfume: Galbanum
For Pisces – Lucky perfume: Ambergris.

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