Astrology Yoga - May 11, 2013

Vesi Yoga

Vesi Yoga
A planet, not including the Moon, Rahu or Ketu, in the 2nd from the Sun.

“One born in Vesi Yoga will be even sighted, soft-spoken, firm in word, truthful, happy, bold, dear to his men, and popular among relations. Long-bodied, and indolent he will walk slowly, and have a bent body. He will be well balanced in his earning and spending and be endowed with some wealth. Malefics forming this yoga will give contrary effects.”

    Planets forming Vesi Yoga rise after the Sun; therefore, these planets are those that the native applies to that which they have in their lives, as compared to planets forming Vosi Yoga, which are used for purposes of initiation. Planets forming Vesi Yoga are not as activating and initializing as planets forming Vosi Yoga, rather they are what the native uses to benefit from and take advantage of that which they do have. The traits of these planets will become more noticeable as one gets to know the native. Since the Sun is a very activating and initializing planet, Vosi Yoga is a bit more powerful than Vesi Yoga. Classical texts, therefore, give Vesi Yoga slightly less influential results than they give Vosi Yoga.

    Classical texts also give very different results to Vesi Yoga being formed by benefics vs. malefics:

“The person born in an Asubhavesi Yoga (Vesi Yoga formed by malefics) is bereft of riches and comforts, very stupid, afflicted with lust, ugly faced, and will lose his splendor. Evil minded and wicked, he is fond of the bad and low, delights in murder, unjustly vilifies others, and may have to go into exile.”

    Malefics forming Vesi Yoga indicate that the native takes care of, benefits from and uses things in their life in a more stressful manner, which include pushing, taking things to the limit, putting things to hard use, etc. As one gets to know the native, tough, determined, opinionated, etc. qualities become evident in their nature. Malefics forming Vesi Yoga do indicate greater stress and difficulties with those things in the native’s life, however, they also become more productive, so any other good yogas they are forming become more powerful and success producing.
Like Vosi Yoga, Saravali gives different results for the different planets that may be forming Vesi Yoga:

Mars”The native will resort to base means, but be helpful to others.”

    Mars forming Vesi Yoga by being in the 2nd from the Sun indicates natives that are logical, strong and willful with managing and taking care of the things in their lives. The people and things in their lives are utilized for purposes of achieving their objectives and they do not spare more time than necessary to relax with and maintain these things. These natives’ strength, focus, strong-mindedness and strong opinions become more noticeable as one gets to know them.

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