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Srinatha Yoga

Srinatha Yoga
Venus, the 9th lord and Mercury in angles or trines, and in own, friendly or exaltation rasis.

“One will be wealthy, resplendent, and clever, speaking agreeably and in a humorous vein. He will have the marks of Lord Narayana. He will be always reciting in the company of the virtuous the charming verses adorning the name of Vishnu. He feels very happy in showing reverence towards those that worship God. Endowed with a good wife and sons, he will be loved by all and is very amiable.”
    Srinatha means “lord/husband of Sri (Lakshmi)” a name of Vishnu, the Preserver. Amongst all the yogas given named after Vishnu, this one is one the most significant. Mercury indicates Vishnu and Venus his consort Lakshmi. The 9th lord is an essential component of this yoga as it is Vishnu who incarnates to reestablish law and virtue. When this yoga is present it indicates spiritual tendencies and natives with this yoga are usually responsible for establishing law and order, or regulating something of importance.

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