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Sasa “rabbit” Yoga

Sasa “rabbit” Yoga
Saturn in an angle, and in its own or exaltation rasi.

Description”The Sasa native has slightly raised, small teeth and a smallish face, but not so his body which is long and slender of 92 anguls height. He has thin nails and large eyeballs. Of dark form, he has a weak, slender waist, and beautiful thighs. His teeth are somewhat protruding and his eyes resemble the lotus, though they may be wrathful as well.”

Personality”He is valorous, strong, lively, virile, crafty, and fond of women. A royal favorite and skilled in all assignments, he will be the chief of a country, a mayor, a king, a minister or a general. He acts with apprehension, and being faultfinding, others cannot hide their perfidy from him. Spirited and bountiful, he is extolled by all, and famous. Engaged in agriculture, he has plenty of grains, etc. He has good servants and is interested in hills, forests, forts and metallurgy, and would even deceive in his eager pursuit of metallurgy. He is also devoted to his mother.”

Marks of Fortune”He has vertical lines on his palms and soles resembling a mala (garland), veena (lute), mridanga (drum), weapons, wheel, conch, and cot.”

Religion and Knowledge”He is very intelligent and wise, and enjoys wandering in forests and mountains. He is well versed in the loopholes (weaknesses) of the enemy.”

Failings”Interested in the fair sex, he is a voluptuary and inclined to have intrigues with women not his own, playing the paramour with the objects of his guilty love. Cruel hearted and wicked he usurps other’s wealth and is happy.”

Life and Death”He rules happily over several parts of the earth with his body afflicted by colic or fistula, and then leaves for his heavenly abode at the age of 70.”

“Sasa” means hare, or rabbit, symbolizing that the natives with this yoga are largely fear-based, as rabbits symbolizes fear. Much of what these natives accomplish and do is motivated by fear and done in order to create a security structure that has the goal of preventing the realization of their fears. Generally some great trauma or difficulty in the native’s early life, which they are constantly trying to compensate for, lends strength to their fears. The true strength of Sasa Yoga is perseverance, whether or not the native has skills or intelligence, they are sure to succeed due to sheer perseverance.
Amongst all the Mahapurusha Yogas, Sasa Yoga is a very painful yoga, one that indicates a pained personality as well as a personality that is painful to be with or live with. Sasa Yoga natives are generally very controlling due to the compellation of their fears, which cause them to worry that others may make mistakes. These natives generally feel very isolated, but can be so difficult to be around that even their loved ones may avoid them, while at the same time feeling sorry for them. They generally don’t feel very comfortable around people and feel their best when surrounded by nature rather than personalities. Sasa Yoga natives desire wealth as a means of security, and are usually cautious in the spending. The classics state that the Sasa Yoga native will be attached to his mother, and while they may not actually be attached to their mother, their mother always has a significant influence upon them. The strong influence of Jupiter or Venus, and to a lesser degree, of Mercury, can reduce somewhat, but never entirely, the painful and negative effects of Sasa Yoga.

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