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Sakata “cart” Yoga

Sakata “cart” Yoga
Jupiter in the 6th or 8th from the Moon, and Jupiter is not in an angle.

“One born in Sakata Yoga will often become unfortunate, and then regain what was once lost. He will be a very ordinary and insignificant man in the world, who will inevitably attain mental grief and will be exceedingly unhappy. Though of a royal family, the native still becomes indigent and due to the trouble and fatigue falling to his lot, he is always distressed and becomes an object of aversion to the king.”

    Sakata Yoga indicates unsteady fortune with the result that life will be full of ups and downs, with slow progress and many disappointments. The mentality will be easily disgruntled and though one will occasionally be hopeful, hope will not be long lasting. If Jupiter and the Moon are rasi aspecting each other while they are in 6/8 from each other, and if they are forming some beneficial yoga as a result of this aspect, then the blemish of Sakata Yoga is voided, although the beneficial yoga they are forming will fructify slowly and with ups and downs. Further, if Jupiter or the Moon is also taking part in other beneficial yogas, whether jointly or independently, then the negative effects of the Sakata Yoga will not be fully effective. There can still be success, but it will be accompanied by some disappointments, delays or ups and downs. Also, if Jupiter is taking part in Adhi Yoga, then Sakata Yoga is not considered present. There are a few other conditions when Jupiter in the 6th or 8th from the Moon does not form Sakata Yoga; these yogas are being given next.

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