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Ruchaka “sharp and radiant” Yoga

Ruchaka “sharp and radiant” Yoga
Mars in an angle, and in its own or exaltation rasi.
Description”The Ruchaka native will have a long face, attractive brow, black hair, a neck akin to a conch, a blood-red complexion, be slender from the waist, and have thin shanks. He is 100 anguls in height, the circumference of his waist is equal to the length of his face, and he is 100 palas in weight. Pitta will predominate the constitution.”
Personality”Energetic and hardworking, he is very enthusiastic and daring, liberal, and has spotless lustre. Powerful and brave, he loves to fight wars. He will acquire wealth by doing many daring deeds. Of fine qualities, fond of all things, he will enjoy great reputation and fortune, and be a favorite of the king, or a king himself. He will become renowned for his merits, be discriminating, and a leader of an army emerging victorious in all his attempts.”

Marks of Fortune”He has the marks of veena (lute), vajra (lightning spear), trident, dhanus (bow), pasa (noose), Taurus, cakra (wheel), staff (a staff with a skull at the top deemed to be Shiva’s weapon, and carried by ascetics), and an arrow on the hands and feet.”

Religion and Knowledge”He will honor gods and Brahmins and be well versed in occult sciences and scientific knowledge, he is versed in mantras, the method of praying with them and the art of producing magic.”

Failings”One will be very strong, but rash, arrogant, irascible, of cruel temperament and a protector or leader of thieves.”

Life and Death”As ruler of Sahyachala and Vindhya Pradesh, he lives in comfort and happiness for 70 years, commanding an army with a good supply of fleet horses, dies by fire or weapons (near a temple) and goes to the heavenly realms.”

“Ruchaka” means very large, agreeable, pleasing, sharp, acid, as well as indicating any object that brings good luck. The root “rucha” means bright, radiant. Natives with this yoga are sharp, as per Mars’ nature, but their martial energies are generally focused towards some good, unless Mars itself is afflicted, in which case failings may come from this yoga such as anger and the potential towards violence. Ruchaka Yoga natives are always very energetic and “radiant” with what they do. The Ruchaka Yoga native’s goals and expectations are contingent upon the ideas and concepts they hold in their minds. Those things not in harmony with their mental concepts are seen as challenges and obstacles to overcome, and there is great power and knowledge on how to overcome them. This yoga very much emphasizes the use of the will to give success and make what one thinks is right come about, whether through physical, practical or occult means. In horoscopes with indications for spiritual practices, the native learns how any attachment to their mental concepts and ideas has an effect on their mental peace and spiritual mindedness. They then learn how to free their minds from all limiting concepts and discover what IS.

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