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Astrology Yoga - May 11, 2013

Muni “hermit” Yoga

Venus with only malefics in the lagna or a trine, unaspected by benefics, and the said malefics are also in debilitation or inimical amsas.

“One is averse to Grihastha (married life); instead, one will do all he can for the well-being of humanity.”

    If Venus is completely afflicted, marriage life promises only unhappiness, especially in a man’s horoscope. However, if Venus, is in a good house (as per the yoga) the native turns to the spiritual life or towards other inspirations. If Venus is in other houses, lack and disharmony with relationships is a source of unhappiness and frustration that distracts the native from other worthwhile pursuits. This yoga is dasa dependent, the dasa of Venus will not give marriage or relationships if this yoga is present. Other dasas, however, may give marriage and relationships if they have the capacity to do so. If Muni Yoga is present, and if the native does get married, they will have somewhat of a detached attitude towards their marriage and it will take a secondary role in their life compared to the other, greater, things that they may hope to accomplish. This does not mean that they will not make good spouses, only that their expectations for happiness will not be dependent upon the pleasure and happiness they get from their spouse.

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