Ascendant - Astrology - May 11, 2013


The native with Scorpio lagna is strengthening any personality weaknesses that may have occurred through lack of development in the past as well as working out many limiting results of their karmas. This makes for a highly vulnerable personality that is so aware of its every weakness. The need to develop these undeveloped areas makes for a generally unstable, crisis orientated, and at times, greatly pained personality. The natives tend to be introverted or self-absorbed, looking for some strength and security in their tumultuous selves. The natives are very sensitive as long as there is any attachment left in their personalities. At best they are able to make incredible growth in their lives as they have so much strength and energy available to overcome their liabilities.

     The evolutionary goal is to develop the opposing sign of Taurus. Scorpio needs to develop stability, and consistency in their lives with regards to those things that they find worthwhile. The concrete things they learn to develop and maintain are a reflection of their own inner security and recognized worth. Partnerships tend to be with those that are more practical, grounded or secure, with those that somehow teach the native these things, or to those whom the native by attaching themselves to finds some worthiness in their activities and themselves. There is also the need to be validated by their partners, if they themselves recognize their value, then their partners will do so as well. If they themselves do not recognize their innate value, then their partners are likely to devalue them, but this also gives the opportunity for the native to validate himself or herself.

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