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Ascendant - Astrology - May 11, 2013

LAGNA IS LIBRA – Ascendant

The native with Libra lagna is aware of the give and take in life, that all things have a price. This gives them a pragmatic ability to pay only what they can afford for what they want in life or for what they want to do. By payment what is meant is that which they will have to do, give up, etc., in order to fulfil their desire, ambition or need. This makes Libra the most balanced lagna as life gets out of balance when we try to pay more for something than we can afford.

The evolutionary goal is to develop the opposing sign of Aries. Aries thinks and acts first and worries about the consequences later. This trait the Libra needs to develop because balance is not always maintained in the moment, so if something appears unbalanced or unfair at the moment, it is only to create balance for the past, or to give room for balance to be created in the future. Libra needs to develop the quality of initiative, force and impulse when necessary. Partnerships tend to be with independent, self-willed types, or with partners that somehow help the native express their individuality and personal impulses.

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