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Ascendant - Astrology - May 11, 2013


Gemini as the lagna indicates a curious and experimental approach to life. Gemini natives tend to be multi-talented, and are in a state of determining which of their talents to focus and cultivate. They make their way through life through trial and error, experimentation as it were, based upon that which they understand through their active intellects. They are friendly, communicate, and fair in nature. Most importantly, their intelligence and knowledge direct their life.

     The evolutionary goal is to develop the opposing quality of Sagittarius. To believe and have faith in those things they do not understand or are unable to measure with their intellect. They must also learn to focus their minds and intellects on those things that will serve some purpose and that are not merely entertaining. This tends to give partners who are more philosophical or idealistic in nature, or partners who teach the native faith through their lives, or by demanding it as a result of not being as rational and explanatory as the native may desire.

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