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The native with Capricorn lagna has a life of activities and rewards that is based upon their previous karmas. Capricorn is the natural 10th house of the zodiac, the house of greatest activity as well as the most powerful house. But Capricorn is an even sign, meaning its nature is receptive, not initiative. This is because Capricorn is receptive to the effects of the actions taken previously, and the accumulation of previous actions is the most powerful activating force there is. The native with Capricorn lagna has a sense of responsibility towards their actions that may cause them a lot of worry, attachment and suffering because they have a tendency to feel immediately responsible for something that is far more powerful than any momentary use of their will. They will always fall short of their expectations and suffer from insecurities as long as they see themselves as the doer and responsible right now for what is. On the other hand if they are performing well, they may attach and identify with the results of their works and this may give rise to pride, but then the lagna lord Saturn will force them humbly to their knees. It is detachment from the fruits of their works that is their key to happiness. The fruits are not only the material rewards, but also the reward of what others think about them for their actions, and what the native thinks about themselves due to their actions.
The evolutionary goal is to develop the opposing qualities of Cancer. While being detached, the Capricorn native must feel, and be sensitive. They must learn to change as their needs and feelings require, and not just change to meet the needs of one’s duty. Most importantly they must learn how expectations that their inner needs be met by externals creates unhappiness, and that they must fulfill these needs within themselves. Partnerships will be with those much more overtly sensitive and emotional, or with those that bring the native’s feelings to their attention. Relationships very much serve to make them aware of their sensitivity and needs.

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